Catholic Dating is Broken. Here’s What Catholic Singles is Doing to Fix It

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Online Catholic dating is broken.

We’ll admit it—we’ve been part of the problem. Founded in 1997, Catholic Singles is the original Catholic online dating site. Today, we serve tens of thousands of single Catholic men and women. But after twenty-two years in the Catholic online dating industry, we’re upending our own business model—and the Catholic dating experience.

Why would we do something like this?

Over the years, you’ve shared your frustrations about online Catholic dating. We’ve been listening, and we’re making some changes.

Finding someone on an online Catholic dating site shouldn’t feel like shopping for a spouse. That’s why we’re making Catholic dating more natural and simple by matching members through their shared interests, all while helping them connect without having to pay for messaging.

We want to help single Catholics stop shopping for a spouse and start discerning their vocation. Discover the changes we made to online dating with our latest app update!

Unlimited free messages with your mutual favorites

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For more than two decades, Catholic dating sites have required you to pay to message other single Catholics. But with the new updates at Catholic Singles, if you are mutual favorites with the person you’re wanting to connect with, you’ll be able to message each other for free.

Our brand new Catholic dating app update gives you a daily number of favorites to connect with. The number of matches you’ll receive that day is revealed when you log into the app on a given day.

Messaging between favorites is always free for any member, but our premium members have access to unlimited favorites. They’re also able to send a message to any other member through our online dating service.

Another frustration you’ve voiced is receiving messages from a paid member as an unpaid member. On online Catholic dating sites, you’ve had to pay to unlock those messages. Meanwhile, the premium member who sent the messages doesn’t know if you’re not interested in connecting, or if you’re a free member and their message is unreadable.

But with our new app update, you can read and respond to any messages that someone sends you, regardless of your own account membership level. Long gone are the days of unreadable messages, waiting for you to shell out some cash so you can use an online dating site.

We’ve crunched the data and have some introductions to make

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There’s nothing worse than logging onto your Catholic dating profile only to feel like you’re browsing for a spouse, or flipping through the pages of a catalog, looking for a potential match. It can be easy to forget that there are actual people behind the profiles you see.

You’re a person, not a profile picture. It’s time you met someone through your shared interests and personalities.

Instead of asking you to shop around for a date through different filtering systems, we invite you to share more about your own personalities, interests, and passions through our user polls and activities. Then, we match you with Catholic Singles members who share your interests and opinions.

On Catholic Singles, you’re able to connect with other single Catholics over a shared favorite saint, dream vacation, or opinion on a popular culture event. Not only does this offer a more engaging experience for you, it also creates a natural conversation starting point for you to connect with other Catholic singles looking for love online.

Get ready for some unexpected matches, too

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Over the years, we’ve seen Catholic men and women connect on our online dating site. More often than not, they share how their spouse is someone who they never would have picked on their own. Maybe they don’t look like the person they expected to marry. Or maybe their personality type isn’t who they saw themselves matching with.

We don’t often leave too much room for God to surprise us when it comes to our love life. But with the new Catholic Singles app update, you’ll get to meet others who you may not have connected with on your own. You never know, one of these unexpected matches might connect you with the man or woman you’ve been waiting and praying for.

Are you ready to give the brand new Catholic Singles update a try? Download the Catholic Singles app and start connecting with other single Catholics today!