3 Truths About Love Single Catholics Can Learn from “Love, Guaranteed”

love guaranteed

Most rom-coms tend to do a pretty poor job of showing much of the reality of modern dating. But Love, Guaranteed, a new romantic comedy on Netflix, is a little different than the standard rom-com. Besides the fact that it’s unusually clean without being Hallmark Channel-level cheesy, this movie also shows a lot more of the reality […]

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Dateworthy? “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood”

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Is “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” worth a date night during the holiday season? YES! This incredibly moving and beautifully acted film follows the real-life, unusual and life-changing friendship that developed between beloved children’s-TV host Mr. Rogers and an Esquire magazine journalist trying to prove no one could possibly be that nice. It serves […]

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