Is Baby Driver Dateworthy?

Baby Driver

“Baby Driver”: YES. A blast of action, music and surprising emotional depth at key moments with a slightly loony relationship at its heart, this movie is one of the year’s most entertaining flicks. The only warning is that the movie toes the line of amoral nastiness in the final half-hour before rebounding to land on […]

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Is The Movie “Wonder Woman” Dateworthy For Catholic Couples?

Wonder Woman Movie Review

The long-awaited first female superhero movie adds an often-overlooked heart and intelligence to the genre, making this perhaps the best superhero movie since the first “Iron Man.” You’ll love it. There have been more than 40 superhero movies, since “Batman Begins” established the current wave of comic book films in 2005. It’s easy to feel […]

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DATEWORTHY? YES. This compelling drama about journalist Lee Strobel, an atheist reporter who set out to disprove Christ’s Resurrection when his wife became a believer and wound up instead authoring the massive bestseller “The Case for Christ,” is a surprisingly well-made faith-based film that balances his investigation with touching personal drama. And talk about perfect […]

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Dateworthy? “The Circle” with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson

DATEWORTHY?: MAYBE. “The Circle” raises some interesting questions about where society is headed in the image-obsessed age of selfies and ever-shrinking privacy, but contradictory characters and some lapses in logic hinder it somewhat. Overall, it might spark conversation in people who are really into tech or privacy issues, but this might be a good movie […]

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Alient: Coventant, Everything, Everything, & Snatched. Are these movies DATEWORTHY?

“ALIEN: COVENANT”: MAYBE. If you’re in the mood for scares and know the series is something you already like, then go right ahead. But for the most part, watching humans get ripped to pieces by aliens or explode from within doesn’t normally set the mood for romance. “EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING”: MAYBE. This teen romance based on […]

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