7 Catholic Singles You Need to be Following on Instagram

In the fast-paced scrolls of Instagram land, it can be all too easy to look at the photos of happy married couples or a friend announcing her new engagement and not feel a twinge of sadness. Sometimes those posts leave me wondering when it will be my turn. When I catch that cry in my heart, I realize it is perhaps time to take a step from consuming the lives of other people on social media.

Taking a step back sometimes is helpful to regain focus and peace of heart. When I return to Instagram, I often take a more close note of who I am following. I also take time to evaluate how I feel and what I think when I see different posts.

Regardless of your own dating or relationship status, I have found some very helpful, strong single female voices to be a comfort to me as a Catholic single woman. Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts. I hope you enjoy following and getting to know them as much as I do.

1. Marcia of stylishlycia

Marcia is a bubbly lover of coffee and one of the hosts on the podcast Plaid Skirts & Basic Black. I love her vibrant attitude and outlook on life. A strong minded single woman, she has some great things to say about embracing yourself just as you are when it comes to dating and relationships. As a Catholic woman of color, she brings an important and needed perspective to the Church that we need to hear more often.

Scroll through her feed and give her a follow! Marcia leaves me feeling empowered and stronger just the way God made me. 

2. Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Meg is a traveling Catholic writer, speaker, and hobo for Christ. She used to be a member of a religious community. Now, she’s dedicated to traveling around the country (and the globe!) speaking to parishes and groups of all sizes. She has fascinating insights. She also knows about saints you probably have never heard of before! I feel like I am always learning new things from Meg about the communion of saints.

Lately, she has been intentionally sharing on pressing matters of the current day such as anti-racism, black saints, and diverse saint art. When I look at Meg’s page, I see a woman whose life has gone in many different directions but still sees the hand of God vibrantly at work.

3. Lauren Scharmer

Do you have any of those friends that you simply “know” through Instagram? Lauren is one of those friends for me. A little over a year ago, Lauren and I started following each other. Then, Lauren put me in touch with a local friend she thought I’d hit it off with. Fast forward to this June, where Lauren and I finally met in person at the home of another mutual friend.

Lauren is one of the brightest spots of hope and God’s faithfulness on the ‘gram. A sparkling personality, she shares about everything in the most real, genuine way. Lauren shares about her work as a social worker, her love for her friends, the tales of home buying in 2020, and all the priestly ordinations she goes to. 

Lauren constantly reminds me of the loving kindness of God and to always be on the lookout for his faithfulness, because it is always there. Watch Lauren’s stories and be inspired and filled with hope as a single woman.

4. Mave of Created to Live 

Over the last year, Mave and I have bonded through our similar stage in life. We’re both in our mid-thirties, navigating being single, dating, and desiring marriage and family. Mave is a life coach and her career is dedicated to helping women experience wholeness, peace, and joy in their lives, work, and dreams.

Mave is a rare gem of a friend. She’s honest, genuine, and an incredible listener. From her work and own growth as a life coach, Mave has taught me so much about when it comes to healthy dating as a single Catholic woman. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned from Mave and her own growth process. Because of her, I have learned and grown to date in new, healthier ways I never imagined.

5. Ali Hoffman of Oodles of Doodles


Ali is a Texas girl who creates beautiful handmade doodles, works in youth ministry, and loves doughnuts. She’s a bright ray of sunshine for your Instagram feed. Also, she and her dad have some of the funniest dance off parties on Instagram stories!

Ali’s feed is mostly dedicated to her unique doodles. She shares things the Lord says to her in prayer, promises of God’s faithfulness in Scripture, and things she thinks we all need to be reminded about from time to time. Be inspired and filled with hope when you give Ali a follow! 

6. Kate Bryan 

Remember that local friend my friend Lauren wanted me to meet? Enter the lovely Kate!

Kate is a local entrepreneur, works in PR, and is creator and founder of the 1 Girl Revolution brand and podcast. She lives locally in the metro Detroit area and has built from the ground up an incredible podcast featuring all the creative, amazing things woman are doing in the world around us. If you are looking for a new, different kind of podcast, I would highly recommend what Kate is doing with 1 Girl Revolution!

She is a beautiful, strong example to me of what a Catholic single woman looks like in 2020 when she is living her best life.

7. Emily Stimpson Chapman 

Emily is a married, adoptive mom. However, her perspective is so helpful for single women. She got married later in life and her dating story looked very different from the usual story we see on social media. She talks vulnerably about the nine year journey it took for her and her husband to get married. As an older single Catholic woman, I am incredibly grateful and appreciative of her story.

Catholics need to be reminded that not all dating stories and relationships play out the same way. Sometimes the path to the altar looks much different than what we imagined or desired. Emily’s insight for single Catholic women, older women, and those whose relationships play out differently are hopeful, real, and encouraging. Oh! Did I forget to tell you she is also an amazing writer and author? 

Who are some single Catholics feeling your social media feed with hope and encouragement right now?