4 Reasons to Download the Catholic Singles Dating App

If you’re new in the online dating experience, it can feel a bit intimidating at times to know just where to start. Even for veteran online daters, the plethora of online dating sites, apps, and strategies out there can feel overwhelming at times.

But if you’re looking for a good first step to get your online dating game off to a good start in the new year, you should start with downloading the new Catholic Singles dating app. Here are four good reasons to download the Catholic Singles app now!

1. It’s the perfect start to a new year 

Many of us had a rough year in 2020 for many reasons. Even for those of us who weren’t severely impacted in a financial way or with health struggles, the stress of societal changes and restrictions probably still took quite a toll.

There have been some memes and the like circulating online saying that this year’s not off to a much better start than last. But even though events in the country and the world might still seem bleak at times, what the year looks like for each of us personally can be largely dependent on what we make of it.

Taking the small step to download the Catholic Singles app and begin using it to search for that special someone can be a great way to ensure we get off on the right foot in our personal lives this year.

2. Now is the time to give online dating a try

The early weeks and months of a new year are traditionally the busiest time in online dating. Many singles make New Year’s resolutions to try online dating for the first time or to renew their past efforts at it. If you’re thinking of trying online dating, the weeks following the start of the year are an excellent time to begin. Now is a time when your options and chances of success will be high.

But if you combine a new year with the effects of the pandemic, now is an even better time for online dating chances of success. Mashable.com found that since the pandemic and its restrictions began, online dating usage has been soaring. Not only has the number of online dating platform users increased, but some new dating trends have also gained momentum.

Among these new trends are a decline in hookup culture mentality and a desire among singles to find a committed relationship. Both of which can be especially good news for Catholics seeking to find a spouse!

The Mashable article refers to this trend as “more intentional dating.” The prominence of more intentional dating among singles can be both practically helpful in navigating away from people who only want a hookup and mentally helpful in feeling less alone as you search for a future spouse.

3. Not all dating platforms are created equal

A quick internet search for online dating platforms is likely to bring up such an overwhelming number of results that it can be really difficult to know where to start. Among secular online dating sites, there are many big names that we’ve all heard of or seen commercials for. It’s probable that many real-life people have found success with these sites.

But most of these secular sites might not have the best selection of singles who share your morals and values, let alone your Catholicism. When it comes to Catholic-specific sites, there aren’t always as many options in features, convenience, or user-friendly interface.

The new Catholic Singles dating app is a great combo of convenient features and Catholic users.

Having an app installed on your phone, rather than just an account on a dating site on on your computer, is a good way to try to stay proactive in online dating and to strive for the most fruit from your efforts. Using a platform specifically tailored to helping you find someone who is on the same page with your beliefs can take a huge burden of stress off your online dating endeavors.

4. The Catholic Singles app can help you learn to surrender your love life

If 2020 has taught us all anything, it should be that we can’t control everything in our lives no matter how hard we might try.

When it comes to online dating, most sites really do nothing to help us grow out of our illusions that we’re totally in control over how our lives go.

If all we need to do to attempt to find our future spouse is essentially conduct a web search for a person who has the specific qualities we want and like, then it’s easy to feel like we are very much in control over our own destiny.

In reality, there is so little in our lives that we can completely control. And who we bond with romantically is one of those things that we can’t actually predict or control entirely.

The Unexpected Match feature of the Catholic Singles app is a great way for us to grow in openness to letting God surprise us in our lives. This feature matches users with a person who doesn’t have all the qualities you think we need in a partner, but who just might be the person who is perfect for you.

For those of us who struggle with surrendering our lives to God, with relinquishing control over the things we can’t truly change, the Catholic Singles app can be a solid way to grow in this area, while so many other dating apps only cause us to cling to these tendencies all the harder.

As we’re benefiting on a personal growth level, we just might find that unexpected match who is actually a perfect fit for us!

Ready to meet someone who shares your values and beliefs? Download the Catholic Singles dating app today and start messaging other single Catholics for free!