4 Ways to Use Winter Weather to Benefit Your Dating Life

winter date

Unless you’re one of those lucky people living in year-round warm sunshine, you’re probably dealing with some winter chilly, snowy (or, you know, blizzard like) conditions about now.

You may be someone (like me) who would rather curl up by the fire with a warm cup of something than think about venturing into the elements for anything but the bare necessities. If that’s the case, the dead of winter probably seems like a time for your dating life to go on hold for a bit.

But your dating life doesn’t have to freeze up just because it’s freezing outside! Here are four ways to make the most of the winter weather outside when it comes to your dating life.

1. Set some winter goals

happy woman blowing snow

Sometimes, the quest to find a spouse is something we just happen into, without a lot of intentional direction. Setting some concrete goals for yourself this season can really help inform the way you proceed.

But who has time to sit down and make a list? Well, if you’re stuck inside thanks to some kind of polar vortex, it looks like you just might.

It’s easy to come up with a general idea of goals for your dating life, even without being stuck indoors. But when it comes to concrete, measurable things you can write down, some of us might need the added motivation of having nothing else pressing we can do.

If you’re struggling for ideas beyond the obvious task of finding someone, try thinking of things like new activities where you might meet someone. Make a goal of trying one or two new activities each month, starting this winter.

Resolve to let a friend or family member set you up with someone if they’ve offered.

Or perhaps now is a good time to set some goals for online dating.

2.  Take the time to explore online dating

smiling woman using smartphone

If you’re stuck indoors, you can always use the time to work on things you’ve been putting off.

For some of us, that might mean deep-cleaning our house. But if you’d rather put that off even longer (I know I would!), you could also work on aspects of your online dating life that you’ve been putting off.

Is your profile filled out as thoroughly as possible? Have you explored your potential match options lately?

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Maybe you’ve been hesitant to reach out to someone online, and you’ve put off sending them a message. Well there’s no time like the (snowy) present to connect with them. You might end up with a date to look forward to when the weather thaws a bit.

3. Brainstorm some date ideas

couple dating in winter

Especially if you’re already in list-making mode from the work you’ve done on your dating goals, now might be a good time to come up with some fun ideas for future dates.

At some point or another, dinner and a movie can start to feel old, even if you’re there with a fantastic person.

So take the opportunity to think about the kinds of activities you enjoy doing with others, and narrow down just what sounds like the perfect date night to you.

If you enjoy being active, look online for places near you that would be good for a date hike or bike ride. If you’re maybe into things like bowling, mini golf, or arcade games, get a feel for the best spots around by reading some reviews – you don’t want to bring a date to a place that’s outdated or broken-down.

Maybe even try looking online for new restaurants to try or movies you’d like to see. Even though dinner and a movie can get old, they must be a go-to date night choice for a reason!

4. Get out of your (warm) comfort zone

couple in a sled

Maybe you like your warm fireplace and hot cup of cocoa. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture out a bit if it’s safe.

Connect with your inner child by playing in the winter snow with some friends. Go sledding, build a snowman, try ice skating. You never know who you might meet.

Or if you have the opportunity to go on a date with someone, try embracing the snow instead of letting it get in the way and postpone things. Try setting up a specifically snow-centric date night.

You might find that your date is ultra-competitive in a snowball fight. Or you might find that the person you’re interested in is just waiting for summer to come again.

Just because it’s freeing outside doesn’t mean the progress of your dating life needs to freeze. There will always be some reason, some excuse you can use, to keep you from putting your all into the search for that someone special.

Embrace the cold instead of using it as an excuse to put things on hold. Try making the most of winter weather, and you just might get on your way to finding your future spouse!