What Sets Catholic Dating Apart?

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Do you ever find yourself thinking that this whole online dating thing is really hard? Like, really hard?

As frustrating as it can be to feel caught in the seemingly never ending cycle of online dating, it’s important to count your blessings.

If there is anything in this word that is going to help you through your journey of being a good, faithful Catholic single, it’s your faith and relationship with Christ.

Struggling with you online dating experience? Here’s the difference Christ centered, Catholic dating can make in your search for a healthy relationship.

Make sure your Catholic dating experience is rooted in Christ

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There is no doubt that dating in this day and age can be terrifying. Often it can feel like there is no way to really know a person’s motive when they seek you out.

Unless you’re focusing on Christ during your Catholic dating experience.

He needs to  be the center of the “why” in your dating relationships. He needs to be the reason you will or won’t choose your date as your future spouse (and vise versa!)

If you’re dating a fellow Catholic, make sure Christ is the “why” behind your relationship.  With your faith as the anchor, you both can hold the same desire for your future together.

Catholic dating grounds you

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In a fight? Pray about it.

Tough decision to make? Take it to adoration.

Feeling anxious about things? Pray a Rosary together.

Christ-centered, Catholic dating can help steer you away from worldly pitfalls that are easy to fall into when you’re feeling stressed or out of sorts.

There is no shortage of sacramentals to turn to and an entire library of devotionals to explore if you need clear direction.

It’s comforting to know that you can both turn to Christ and your shared faith to discern your relationship well.

Catholic dating gives you a purpose

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One thing that saddens me about today’s vision of dating is that it has lost all sense of direction.

In the secular world, it’s a free for all. You may feel the pressure to go out with anyone, go anywhere, and do anything as long as it feels good.

The end result can leave you feeling more emotionally and spiritually isolated than ever.

Our souls thirst for reason and purpose. But we’re only going to find that in Christ.

Relationships with God at the center help us stay on the path toward our ultimate goal, which is perfect union with Jesus.

Catholic dating is fun

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When you’re dating someone who is living the same faith life as you, it can be a lot of fun!

Instead of having to tip toe around topics and wonder what the meat of your conversations should be about, you can exist in your shared faith together.

Most couples will attest to the fact that being open and transparent is one of the main ingredients to a good, successful relationship.

When you spend time with someone that you can pray with, debate alongside without judgement, and truly be yourself around, you’re in a good place.

Catholic dating can help you and the person you’re dating focus on each other through God’s eyes.

When you’re comfortable with the person you’re dating, life and everything in it becomes more fun!

Catholic dating sites make online dating safer

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With dating moving heavily online, safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Is this website safe? How do you know someone is who they say they are?

It can be tricky trying to navigate around an entire internet of people and figuring out who you can trust, and who to avoid.

Catholic dating sites like Catholic Singles take do the leg work for you by vetting everyone who comes to their door. If you are part of a good Catholic dating site, you can be sure that you and your information are protected.

With so much to worry about already, it’s nice to take comfort in the fact that you’re safe here!

Catholic dating raises the bar

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When God is the focus of your relationship, dating is elevated to a higher level. Your soul is nourished through good, meaningful conversation and your spirit is lifted.

There is a freeing feeling that comes in knowing that the person you are dating longs for Heaven as much as you do. What a beautiful assurance to have when opening your heart to another person.

Perhaps this is what sets authentic Catholic dating apart from secular dating the most. You can strive for a relationship that includes walking alongside someone who has your best interest (spiritually as well as physically!) at heart.

Find your match through Catholic Dating

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If you’re dating with the intent to find someone that you can spend your life with, to really enter in and share it with, Catholic dating websites are a great place to start – like Catholic Singles!

This is where you will find the people just like you. On this site, you’ll find men and women seeking Christ as wholeheartedly as they are someone to share their future with.

As a Catholic single seeking companionship. centering your dating around Christ and your relationship with him will yield incredible results!