How to Update Your Online Dating Profile in Less Than 10 Minutes


If keeping up with your online dating profile has started to feel like a second job to you, listen up. While you’re not guaranteed to have a date after just two days of joining Catholic Singles (we’re not Amazon Prime after all), Catholic dating shouldn’t be an agony.

It’s important to spend time getting comfortable with your online dating site in the beginning of your online Catholic dating experience.  Once you know your way around, you’ll be able to spend less time making major changes. Take your online dating profile for example. It’s perhaps the most important part of your online dating experience, but it doesn’t have to take you hours to update.

Do you want to attract people that will like you for who you are? Is Catholic dating your top priority? Take a few minutes to update your profile appropriately and be wowed by the results!

1. Start by uploading some new profile photos

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Yes, that picture of you at the Grand Canyon is beautiful. It was an awesome hair day and the lighting was perfect. But it’s five years old and a lot has changed since then. A quick, but effective way to spruce up your profile is to swap out old photos for new ones. Pick four or five pictures taken recently and click upload.

Need help choosing photos? Start by looking for a full body picture to show other online dating users that you have nothing to hide. Then, choose an image that shows off your warm and inviting smile. Remember that where the picture is taken can reveal a lot about your interest without saying a word. Finally, don’t pick a photo with another person it it, which can leave other men or women trying to discern which person in the picture is you. 

2. Trade negative for positive keywords

be positive

Keep your profile upbeat if you want more people to stop by. Online dating can attract many different kinds of people, and online dating users are naturally attracted to joy and confidence. There’s a lot of talk of despair and desperation when it comes to Catholic dating, so spend time focusing on hope, happiness, and the providence of God. 

Words like “kind”, “fun,” and “adventurous” are more attractive to others than negative talk. What are the best things about you? What do you love about Catholic dating and getting to know others? Keep your profile light hearted and upbeat. It only takes minutes to put a positive spin on who you are and you’ll have more visitors as a result.

3. Keep your online dating profile active

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Being active on your online dating profile is the easiest way to stay relevant in the online dating world. If it’s been a while, upload a new photo or add something new to your “About me” section. With the ease of online dating apps you can do this quickly from your phone, so no need to schedule time out to work on it.

Standing in a ridiculously long line at the grocery store? Bring up your Catholic dating profile and let people know about your latest accomplishment. People like new and fresh and keeping your profile updated often is a great way to do just that. After all, that’s what a profile is for after all. Show the Catholic dating world who you are!

4. Don’t spread yourself too thin

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If you want to update your online dating profile quickly, only have one or two profiles to begin with. Choose a trusted site (like Catholic Singles!) and put time and effort there instead of bouncing all over the place.

Having an excessive amount of dating apps can make making any change hard and intimidating. Trying to log in to multiple sites and change profiles across the internet really will feel like a second job. If not a full time one!

Start by choosing a trusted Catholic dating site and invest in it. This way, keeping up with your profile will be quick, easy and painless. It’s better to invest and spend time on a trusted site than spread yourself thin over multiple sites that will likely lead you to dead ends.

5. Delete the selfies from your profile


When you’re uploading some new pictures, go ahead and take down any selfies you have on your online dating profile. In an “all about me” age where selfies have replaced Olan Mills portraits, we are going to stick with old school for a really good profile.

Low-res pictures taken in front of a mirror or in the gym bathroom aren’t going to help people take you seriously. Even if you happened to snap a really good one outside of that vintage looking coffee shop, hit delete. While it only takes minutes to upload a photo, spending time on getting a good picture shows that you care about how people perceive you.

6. Make sure to proofread your profile

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Maybe you were tired or distracted when you last updated. Mistakes can happen. The good news is that one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your online dating profile is to hop on and scan through your grammar. Make sure your writing is short, concise, and to the point. What you write can speak volumes about who you are without being a long form essay.

Grammar is so important in an online profile. Complete your sentences,use good punctuation and avoid run on sentences at all costs! If your Catholic dating profile is a first impression of who you are, you don’t want it to appear rushed or choppy. Spend little bursts of time making sure it’s up to date, accurate, and readable.

7. Remember that just a few minutes can go a long way

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Your online dating profile is the first impression of Catholic online dating, so take a few minutes to keep your profile active and updated. With how easy dating sites are to navigate these days, updates literally take a few minutes.

You don’t have to block off chunks of time in your schedule to devote to your profile. Instead, you can proof and polish it in less than ten minutes. Make sure you hit the checklist above to make sure your profile is up to date and ready for people to drop by and say hello!