Top 10 Ideas for that “Big First Date”

Top 10 Ideas for that “Big First Date” (and second and third…)
Let’s face it, “dating” is awkward…always has been, always will be. You’re just getting to know someone and it feels more like an interview than a fun night out. Well, it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to take charge, make new suggestions and get out of the old meet for a cup of coffee or dinner routine…two talking heads for 3 hours doesn’t cut it anymore. My theory is, why not pick something fun so if the “date” doesn’t work out at least you’ve had a new experience. So, here I go! For the next 10 weeks, I plan to give you one new idea a week for a cool date. Of course, I can’t cover every city in the U.S., but I’ll provide links to great ideas and you can always search for similar events in your city.

My first idea is something I did and loved! We went to a hands-on “cooking class” where we learned how to make the meal and then got to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labor with everyone else. It was so cool. There were no more than 12 people in the class and by the end I knew how to make Beef Bourguignon and Apple Tart Tartin. I must admit, besides the occasional scrambled eggs and chocolate chip cookies, my pots and pans never got out much. I had a blast though. They served wine with the dinner and we spent as much as we would’ve going out to a nice restaurant, but we got so much more out of the experience and we had something to talk about when we did grab that cup of coffee later that evening!

Here are some links I found to some cooking classes around the country: (Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle) (NYC) (NYC) (Chicago) (Orlando) (Henderson, NV)

Of course, there are many retail chains such as Williams Sonoma that offer classes, but I think it’s more fun if you find a place where there is a sit down dinner after you make the meal. Just search “cooking classes” near your hometown and I’m sure you will find a good place. I went to Hip Cooks and LOVED it!

Ciao (Chow) for now !