Top 10 Ideas for that “Big First Date” – No. 2

Dating Idea #2
One of my favorite activities is walking. Walking the mountains, walking the streets of a city, walking around the mall, participating in walkathons, etc., etc. Now, I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but trust me…it does wonders for you inside and out.

One of my favorite things to do on a first or second date is to engage the person on a walk. I’ve had first dates walking the streets of NYC (after five miles, he asked if we could take the subway back…lol), the hills of Studio City at Fryman Canyon and yes…even the mall.

It was a great way to talk and get to know each other without having to stare at someone across the table for a couple of hours. Now, I want to be clear. If a guy (or a girl) asks you to go on a nice long walk on a secluded beach or on some off-beaten trail…DON’T DO IT! No matter how romantic it sounds, you are just getting to know this person and you have to be smart about these things.

What I suggest is a “group” walking tour. When I lived in NYC, I was bored one day and stumbled upon a Central Park walking tour. It was fantastic and FREE. I learned so much about the park I didn’t know and got to explore new areas in a safe environment (meaning…with a group).

So, before the weather gets too crazy, check out some of the websites below for my next great date idea! Some of the tours are free and some have minimal fees. Once again, if you don’t find your city listed, just “google” away! Happy walking! (NYC…I suggest the Guided Tours) (Los Angeles) (Chicago) (San Antonio) (Las Vegas)

By the way, I have no connection with any of these sites. They all seemed interesting to me. So, do your research and enjoy a fun day out on a walking tour.