Finding Solace in the Single Life: 5 Safe Havens for Singles Within the Church

While every vocation has its challenges, the trial of loneliness makes single life especially difficult.

Whether you feel like singleness is a passing phase or a lifelong vocation, there’s no reason to weather this storm alone.

If you’ve been Catholic since the cradle, you may naturally see the Church as a weekly pitstop. While it’s true that mass is our pinnacle of prayer, there’s more to the Church than you might think.

Why should you be involved in your parish? Because Jesus designed it with you in mind.

The Church is here to support and guide you in your faith journey. The sacraments fill you with grace, while the community of believers acts as a solid foundation to keep you steady in difficult times.

The Church is full of people who get you, so you can feel confident in reaching out to other like-minded folks and forming meaningful friendships.

Faith-based friendships can satisfy your God-given desire for communion with others, helping you find comfort in the single life.

Finding connections with people like you doesn’t have to be a chore. Take a look at these groups designed to give you a place to “plug-in” to the Church and find people who care about you and who find joy in supporting you on your journey.

Verso l’alto: Toward the Top

Finding Solace in the Single Life || Verso l'alto: Toward the Top

The Frassati Society is a fellowship group that imitates the example of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: a young man who has inspired millions with his depth of faith, mischievous attitude and penchant for adventure.

Frassati is based on the Tipi Loschi society, formed by Pier Giorgio himself.

His group centered on prayer and the members committed to being a spiritual support to each other. They also spent plenty of time exploring, adventuring, and playing practical jokes on each other.

While every group is different, the Frassati Society is generally for young adults, ages 18-35: single, married and religious adults are all welcome.

Each local group takes on it’s own character, but all strive toward the goal of finding a balance between social outings, political activism, faith building, and service.

We love the Frassati Society because it draws a wide range of people from different backgrounds. It’s a great place to get to know people who might not have otherwise crossed your path.

Women in Pursuit of God, Community and Friendships

Finding Solace in the Single Life || Women in Pursuit of God

Blessed is She is an online community of women connected via daily email devotions and social media.

Regional groups meet regularly for faith studies and support each other in prayer.

Blessed brunches offer the opportunity to connect with other women from different backgrounds, while retreats like “Wild” and “Beloved” allow you to recharge, grow in faith and develop lasting friendships.

We love Blessed is She because it is flexible; allowing you to reach out whenever you need support.

That’s the beauty of social media: it’s always there, day or night. When a problem arises, you can jump online and ask for prayers and advice.

No need to wait until your weekly bible study night.
The women at Blessed is She come from a wide range of backgrounds, making this a widely accepting crew where you can feel truly at home.

Catholic Men of Faith and Charitable Action

Finding Solace in the Single Life || Catholic Men of Faith and Charitable Action

Founded in 1882, the Knights of Columbus is one of the most widely recognized Catholic social and service groups.

You might know these guys from your local pancake breakfasts, from annual coat drives, or from their festive feathered hats.

The Knights of Columbus is a service based organization where you can meet other strong, faith-focused men and work together to make a measurable difference in your community.

The Knights of Columbus has its own charity organizations and partners with other, well known, associations like the Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity.

We love the Knights of Columbus because it’s more than a casual visit to the soup kitchen. It encompasses everything from disaster relief to fundraising and community support. It’s a great way to lend your gifts to the church and build friendships in the process.

Growing in Holiness and Building a More Just World

Finding Solace in the Single Life || Growing in Holiness and Building a More Just World

Looking for a group that’s devoted to your best interest? The St. Vincent de Paul Society fits the bill.

This organization’s primary goal is to help you grow in holiness by helping others. It’s an organization that gives back to its members.

Forming relationships with those who are suffering gives you a rush of joy and a sense of purpose.

Doing good makes you feel good! As a single person, you are welcome here, along with men and women of all vocations. Stop in, help others, make new friends…it’s a win-win-win.

Theology on Tap, Ministries and More

Finding Solace in the Single Life || Theology on Tap, Ministries

Last but not least, it’s important to explore your own diocese to discover the social groups and ministries available to you locally.

Volunteer to serve as a Eucharistic minister, sing with the choir, or act as a lector. Don’t be afraid to ask your parish priest for service opportunities, or offer to host a faith study.
Take “Theology on Tap”, for example. It’s an informal social group that’s growing in popularity in parishes across the country. All are welcome to meet at a local brewery, relax, and discuss topics related to faith.

It’s a great way to build a strong and meaningful support group that will help you savor the highs and lows of single life.