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What are the Best Online Dating Sites if You’re Over 65?

Last modified: July 18, 2019 Avatar for Cassi VillanuevaBy Cassi Villanueva
What are the Best Online Dating Sites if You’re Over 65?

Dating can be complicated at any time in time. Trying out senior dating in an age of technology when you didn’t grow up attached to an electronic device? Dating can seem significantly harder.

Maybe you waited until later in life to venture into the dating world. Or, maybe you’re having your second go at romance. There can be a lot of questions and concerns that arise when you think about senior dating, dating sites, and creating an online dating profile.

Dating for seniors looks a lot different than it did in the past. You’re probably not meeting your coworker’s best friend’s sister at the local coffee shop on Saturday evening. Instead, you may be meeting senior men and women online.

Looking for love? Look no farther than the internet. There’s a wealth of online dating sites that can lead you to the person you’ve been searching for.

This seems great for the younger generation who’s grown into swiping right like this season’s latest fashions. But can be a bit daunting for those who’ve reached (or surpassed) the “over the hill” age range.

Luckily this day and age applauds and promotes senior dating which opens up many doors of possibilities to anyone looking for love later in life.

Where do I begin?

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But don’t just jump head first into the first couple of online dating sites you come across. It’s important to know what you’re looking for. Senior dating looks a lot different than twenty something dating.

For older adults over 65, chances are you’re looking for something serious, not just a casual, once in a while online relationship. You can avoid wasting time by weeding out the online dating sites that clearly don’t meet your needs.

Websites that seem raunchy or too casual should definitely be crossed off your list. Faith based websites, however, should rank pretty high.These sites are great places to meet like-minded people looking for a long-term relationship.

When you look at online dating sites and how they are written, ask yourself if they seem like the sites that would attract people you would consider potential partners.

What should I look for in an online dating site?

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There is no short supply of senior dating sites and online dating sites . This can be a bit overwhelming. Finding a dating service that works best for you may take a little research.

Knowing what to look for before joining a site is imperative. A few key ingredients to keep an eye out for are:

  • Mature, well educated and successful users
  • Members that are genuinely looking for love
  • A user friendly site
  • People who are open about wanting a long-term relationship
  • Active members of the online community
  • A place that attracts someone you’d be attracted to
  • A professional, straightforward site

You know what you want in life and the person you’re looking for should too. Choosing a website that meets your specific needs at this time in your life and point in your dating journey should be your priority.

Exit out of any sites that make you feel uncomfortable. Leave behind the ones that aren’t easy to navigate. Don’t waste your time on sites that don’t speak to you or what you’re looking for.

What are the best online senior dating sites?

senior dating

Some really good sites for senior dating are the ones that boast a heavy usage by members that are at least 40 years old.

Sites crafted specifically for singles over 65 are nice because they remove any guesswork when it comes to the ages of other online daters.

Websites that cater specifically to those navigating the world of senior dating weed out a lot of the inapplicable things making your use of it easier and less time consuming.

When it comes down to it though, some of the best results you’ll find when dating over 40 will be on well established, God centered websites that place big emphasis on the character of its members and helping them grow along other like minded people.

Faith based dating sites will deliver some of the best results to those looking for a love that keep God at the core of the relationship.

To begin a successful, hopefully long term relationship right off the bat, sites like Catholic Singles will afford you the luxury of dating that is wrapped in honesty and faithfulness.

When you are older you know, for the most part, what you want in the person that may become your future spouse. Find peace in knowing that the website you trust to carry you through this current journey will be one that can help support you on a spiritual as well as an emotional level.

How to be successful when dating over 65

senior dating

The most important piece of advice for your age group here is not to let your online dating experience stall out. Don’t put it aside when life gets busy and come back to it later.

The here and now is extremely important for senior citizens.

Staying active will open the door to all sorts of people and opportunities. Senior dating should be just as new and exciting as dating at any age. Be careful not to let discouragement or impatience cause you to lose your momentum.

When dating as a faithful Christian, online dating sites such as Catholic Singles can help you effortlessly navigate this journey because they connect you to others in the ways it most matters; faith, relationships (with God and others) and love.

When you are secure in your faith, dating is more enjoyable when it’s with someone who is happy with where they are in their faith life as well.

Maybe your soulmate is sitting in a Starbucks booth just waiting for you to pull up a chair. More likely, however, he or she is actively seeking you or someone similar on an online dating website.

To increase your chances of finding love later in life, remain active on credible dating sites and stay confident that the right person is out there. Chat rooms,filling out your online dating profile, and deciding on a senior dating service can be intimidating. But senior dating can be an exciting time if you go about it with a confident mind and an open heart!


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    Michael (a widower, age 76) and myself (a widow, age 69) found each other on Catholic Singles and we are so happy and in love! We are getting married September 14th of this year. God bless you on your search.

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