Q & A – November 20, 2009

[FYI – this letter is in reference to last week’s blog entry – OPRAH IS NOT EQUAL TO JESUS – Sunday, November 15, here on the CS site or on my blog at https://chernjam.blogspot.com] 


Dear Father Jim

I  don’t know anything about you, but I do know Oprah.


I’m very disappointed in your opinion, which you do have a right to, and I respect that. However, I have met her, been on the show, watched hundreds of them, and equally respect her for her non- judgemental humanitarianism. I don’t always approve of every subject matter on her show, but i truly believe that she IS the face of America – for both men and women.


I enjoy her every day (most times.) I am a middle of the road Catholic, have sung in the church choir my entire life, taught Religious Education, Scout leader, team mom,room mom,volunteer as a financial advisor at a Food Pantry, unload 18,000 lbs of food every other week, and often volunteer at the homeless shelter……..and I WISH I could be more like Oprah.


You are just not feeling all the wonderful things she is doing throughout the world. Again, I know nothing about you, but totally disagree with your opinion of Oprah. I have a favorite priest in Greenwwod, Mississippi who would love nothing more than receiving funds from Oprah….and I am working on that. God bless – we all see things in a different light. Just need to focuse on faith, hope, and love….. Oprah  Fan…


Dear Oprah Fan:

Thanks for your message, but I think if you re-read my message, I’m not being critical of Oprah. True, I’m not coming across as a fan (of which I am not) and do poke fun at the multi-media exposure she has, but I do think I point out that the reason she’s so successful/has so many fans is because of her heroic story of overcoming adversity that people tap into.

Its great that she can be a good role model for many people – women and men. But I haven’t changed my mind that she’s not offering the same thing as Jesus offers us. Unfortunately not everyone realizes that and has revered her as a psuedo-spiritual leader because of her success. To call attention to the danger that can cause people in their spiritual lives is one responsibility as a priest that I have.

One final point on how Oprah is not equal to Jesus, Oprah announced that she’s leaving the air in 2011. Jesus promises to be with us till the end of time.

Father Jim