Is Your Online Dating Profile Causing You to Miss Out on Your Dream Date?


Without a doubt, your online dating profile is an important part of your online Catholic dating journey. You can find the best Catholic dating website there is and still fall short if your profile doesn’t speak to others online dating users. 

Many people who get excited to take Catholic dating online give up too easily because they don’t realize why they aren’t connecting with men or women right away.

A good online dating profile catches people’s attention, makes you seem approachable, and gives other online dating users a quick but accurate idea of who you are. 

If you have not been having success with your online dating goals, take a look at your profile and see if that’s what is keeping you from meeting someone. Ask yourself the questions below and see if there are some adjustments you should make to your online dating profile. 

Is your online dating profile too generic?

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If you create a generic online profile, you’re going to get generic messages. One way to set yourself up to talk to other serious Catholic men or women is to take time to make your online dating profile reflect your unique personality. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend? What are you passionate about? Making your profile as real and honest as possible will draw in the right kind of people.

Catholic singles dating online are interested about getting to know other user’s values and beliefs. They want to know what you care most about in the world and what makes you tick. So take the time to make your profile stand out! 

Some people may not like the fact that you’re super conservative or that you enjoy the mountains more than the beach. But you’re not looking for some people, you’re looking for one person. You’re not going to find him or her by being subtle in your profile.

Do you update your profile regularly?

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Keeping an active profile is important when it comes to online dating. If you don’t get on and update it often, people will often pass on by, wondering if your profile is out of date. To increase your chances of meeting someone, keep your profile fresh. Update old pictures and replace older language with bright and upbeat verbiage. 

Think about the effort you put into dating face to face. How do you present yourself in person? Do you freshen up? Wear nice clothes? Your Catholic dating profile should reflect how much you care about presenting yourself. Think of your online dating profile as your first (digital!) impression with someone. 

People that are eagerly searching for their future spouse want to see the same zeal in the person that may be looking for them. Sitting idly by won’t help you meet someone on a dating site. But keeping a fresh, open and inviting profile can lead to great conversations! 

Did you post a good picture? 

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One of the first things men and women both notice on an online dating profile is the profile photo. Knowing this, you should post a great photo. What makes a profile photo good? Start with a good quality photo that was taken by someone else (delete those selfies!). Then, make sure the photo flatters you, shows off a great quality of yours, and makes you look warm, welcoming, and inviting. 

Are you a Debbie downer? 

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We all have a back story, but your online dating profile isn’t the place or time to share it.  You may have been hurt more than once, and eventually you’ll share that with the right person. But listing all the ways that love has burnt you shouldn’t be part of your online dating profile. 

Catholic singles long for a deep connection. This is one of the reasons we often lay ourselves out there and connect on a deeper level. While vulnerability is necessary in a healthy relationship, don’t start your online dating journey on the wrong foot.

A pessimistic profile that vents about past injury is a no-go for most people in the online dating world. Don’t overshare or act like you’re ready to give up on love. Ask God for the virtue of hope and reflect that hope in your online dating profile. 

Are you using good grammar? 

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I can’t tell you how many people have told me that bad grammar is a huge turnoff when it comes to online dating profiles. If a person isn’t willing to take the time to spell check, it’s not a good sign.

Make sure your profile is readable and enjoyable. Avoid run on and incomplete sentences. Utilize a spell check tool and make sure one paragraph flows nicely into the next.If you’re not a confident writer, have a friend take a quick glance. Fellow Catholic singles can be a great help in this area. Don’t be afraid to ask for their opinion.

A well written, easy to read profile will give you a much better chance of connecting with the person you’ve been looking for. The more your dating profile reflects your authentic self, the better chance you have of going on that dream date you’ve been hoping for.

A great profile will yield great results

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A great first date starts with a great online dating profile. As a Catholic dating, you may wonder why you haven’t met your match yet. You may find yourself questioning if this online thing is worth it.

Before doubting yourself or the process, update a new and better version of your digital first impression. Highlight the best parts of you and who you are. Make the right person want to get to know you before they’ve ever even exchanged that first message.

Answer the questions above and you’ll find yourself closer to that dream date you’ve been looking for!

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