Picking Your Profile Photo? Remember These 10 Things

taking a selfie

There are millions of factors that come into play in deciding on who is Mr. or Mrs. Right for you in life. One advantage of dating online at a site (like Catholic Singles!) is that you can spell out your interests and the type of person you hope to find in great detail, aside from the obvious and important factor that someone shares the same faith and therefore a major part of their life outlook and philosophy with you.

But let’s face it, we’re shallow creatures, no matter how hard we try to be noble. Having the perfect photo to represent ourselves to potential suitors is still absolutely essential. So this week, we’ll guide you through some do’s and don’ts in choosing that perfect image.

1. Always make sure you’ve brushed your teeth before your photo was taken

happy smiling person

It doesn’t matter how happy you are if we can see that spinach leaf blocking out an entire tooth.

We might be interested in reading about your favorite kinds of foods, but we don’t need to see a visual display of what you had for dinner.

2. Make sure you pick a clear photo

happy smiling person

It’s important not to have a photo that’s too distant, too small, or too fuzzy. The profile photo is a billboard touting your wonderful self, not a Rorschach test!

3. Sell yourself well

beautiful eyes

It’s ok to wear a flirty sundress or for the fellas to show a little muscle, but being a religious site, avoid offering a Grand Canyon of cleavage or showing your entire six-pack.

4. Make it clear who you are in the photo


Posing with a friend is totally confusing. It leaves us wondering which person we’re actually approaching.

For heaven’s sake, don’t post a photo of yourself with your entire frat, sorority or family holiday photo. Sure, you want to have a sense of mystery in your profile. But you don’t want it to be a mystery for potential suitors to have to figure out who you are!

5. No halfsies


Sometimes people think it’s cute to just have a picture of their eyes poking out and showing nothing else of their face. We’re trying to see who you are, not conduct a retinal scan, so whole face please.

This is especially important as we’re living in a time where we have to cover half our face behind a surgical mask. Take advantage of the chance to show your glorious self in the digital realm at least!

6. Don’t go overboard on the religious wear

handsome man

We already know that you’re Catholic because you’re spending good money and energy to be here. A fun faith phrase on a T shirt is cool, but don’t go so overboard that you look better suited to a monastery or convent than the married life.

7. Tell us about your world travels, but don’t show them in the photo

man taking a selfie

It’s great that you have a picture of yourself under the Eiffel Tower or standing in the middle of the Great Wall of China. But chances are if you put the focus on a great backdrop, we’ll pay more attention to what’s around you than on you yourself.

Besides, you want to be front and center, not a blip amid a world monument.

8. Look festive, not drunk


This pretty much speaks for itself. I figured it still might help to remind people that its probably best to tell us you’re the life of the party than explain why you look half ready to pass out.

9. It’s ok to minimize some things

happy smiling person

When we see you’re eighty-three, we know you’ve picked up some gray hairs along life’s journey. If you normally wear a hat, go for it, as long as your smiling face is still shining brightly!

10. Don’t overthink it

selfie taking

There’s someone for everyone out there, and that person will find you adorable or handsome, even if you doubt yourself.

Trust in the Lord, but remember to put yourself out there!