Make ‘Em Laugh: How to Make a Fun and Funny Dating Profile

laughing person

You should look at your online dating profile the way you look at your resume. It’s not about the skills that the job requires, it’s about the extra special things you bring to the table.

What I mean by that is this: I’m a writer. If I apply for a job as a writer in a marketing department, it’s a pretty obvious statement to say, “I’m a good writer!” Everyone applying for the job will have that same skill—it’s vital for the work! It’s literally in the title!

Instead, I focus on what will set me aside. A sense of humor, good work ethic, bring in cupcakes every month . . . you know, the ideal coworker.

In the same way, it’s a little redundant for online daters to say “I’m looking for love” on dating sites. Secular, potentially sinful dating apps aside, love is what your online dating profile is for, so it’s a bit on the nose.

Creating a profile that shows yourself can be difficult, though. After you select your profile photos, what are the do’s and don’ts of a fun online dating profile? You don’t want to share too much about yourself on online dating sites; but sharing too little with your potential dates could be just as off-putting.

I’m here to help!

I find humor is a great way to show an important part of your personality and set you aside from other profiles. The main draw of using humor, though, is that it can open up a quality conversation.

Instead of relying on old faithful “hey how are you” or something equally generic, you can toss an opportunity to your potential matches! Ask a funny question, quote your favorite movie, or hook them with a joke.

If you’re having trouble crafting a fun, accessible bio that shows off your unique self to the men or women who view your online dating profile, try answering these questions and conversation starters.

What makes you belly laugh?

laughing person

I am a firm believer that belly laughs are the key to our hearts and souls. Laughter that comes from way down in your toes comes from a place of authenticity that cannot be faked. As a matter of fact, there are actually studies on the connections between genuineness and laughter; people that laugh more easily are thought to be more trustworthy and genuine. While that’s true for face-to-face relationships, it also rings true for your profile on an online dating website.

Sure, you laughing in a profile picture is good. But let’s take it a step further.

Think about the last time you threw your head back or your eyes pricked with tears, and put it into your profile. It’s a great conversation starter! It could look like this:

  • Nothing makes me laugh like . . .
  • The last person to crack me up was . . .
  • Ask me about my most hilarious moment—I want to see if you laugh as hard as I did.

What movie or TV show do you know like the back of your hand?

laughing person

Unless you have a really obscure favorite movie, odds are good you’ll come across someone else with the same one. Toss a quote in your profile or a character comparison to give a good indicator of what you’re really like. If you’re not familiar with this social truth, let me fill you in: people love finding other people who can quote their favorite TV show or movie. Or who can gush about characters and story lines with.

This is one of my favorite, fun profile building devices to connect with other users. Here’s what it could look like:

  • Finish this quote: “Bears. Beets. . . . “
  • I’m half Leslie Knope, half Liz Lemon. Looking for my half Ben Wyatt, half meatball sandwich.
  • I can quote When Harry Met Sally in my sleep.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?

laughing person

By and large, the strangest things we’ve seen are usually also pretty funny. For me, I saw someone walking a moped down a street once. The rider had a helmet on, was following traffic laws, and “on” the bike as they should be . . . but were using their feet to walk. It was such an odd sight that brought a lot of questions—questions I’d be glad to giggle over with someone new.

How would I put this in my profile? In a way that will pique interest.

  • The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen included a man, a street, a moped . . . but not the way you think.

What’s your most unpopular opinion?

laughing person

We’re not looking for political or social or economic opinions here—that’s actually the opposite of what you want to put out there as far as first impressions go. This is more of a funny against-the-grain thought that could be engage you in a funny debate and act as a conversational starter.

What would it look like? This: Do you feel a certain way about foods? Social norms? Do socks with sandals seem okay to you, despite everyone else’s thoughts? Is your favorite book one that everyone else thinks is goofy? Offer a friendly debate.

  • If it’s not chocolate, it’s not dessert. Try to change my mind!
  • Tickets should be sold by height of the attendee—do you agree?

Make your dating profile your own

laughing person

Your sense of humor is your own, just like your dating profile. If none of these questions apply to what tickles your funny bone, spend some time considering what does. What would make you laugh with a partner? Write things that will spark the kind of conversations you’re interested in having.

It will narrow your relationship net—but in a good way. The more narrow the net, the better chance that matches will be closer to what you need.