One thing you should be doing when you’re losing your job.

We’ve all been there, the notice comes in that the company is downsizing, oil prices are down, the hospital is cutting back administrative positions, or there just isn’t enough money out there for a full time interior designer.
What was the first feeling that came to mind? Was it one of, “This is great, a chance to start over again,” or was it, “My life is over, no one will go out with me now, I’m going to have to move back in with my parents….”

We need to start feeling good while losing our jobs.

Losing a job is an opportunity to get a better one. Sometimes we are too afraid or too lazy to do that on our own. So God kicks us out and says, “You’re made for more, get another job.” It’s like losing a sock; get another pair, man. Be an opportunist, not a “loss accountant”.

Also, you know it is not going to last forever. The number of competent people who are searching for employment their whole entire lives and are also unemployed their whole entire lives is very, very tiny. At some point, everybody gets a job again. Sooner or later you will, too, and you’ll think, “Glad I wasn’t hard on myself and good thing I didn’t stress out about it.” And other people will respect you because they’ll see that you are not a person governed by circumstances. Much of the world is, but you are not.

Finally, it’s one of those few times in your life when you can discover who you are and how you feel about yourself. At times we feel good about ourselves because of positions we occupy, things we have, who we’re going out with, etc. Measure your self-impressions while you’re jobless. Are they low? That’s how you really feel about yourself and that is what you really think of yourself. Without a moment of complete loss, you may never know. You go through life with a false sense of self-confidence until something bad happens.

It is not easy starting over again, but this may be a rare moment when you can discover the real you and how you feel about that person. Don’t waste it.

by John Antonio