New Year and Still Single? Take Hope! God Is So In Love With You!

New Year and Still Single?

Happy New Year 2017 everyone! Now that 2016 is behind us, let us start this year off on the right foot. Now, some of you are probably single like me and after seeing all your best friends posting that they are engaged, in a courtship, or currently with child, you are probably feeling depressed that you are alone and feeling absolutely worthless to you, to God, and to everyone around you. There is still one person that loves you regardless and that is your Heavenly Father!
God is so in love you that he would do anything for your love of him. God loves you so much that he was willing to send you his only begotten son to die for love for you (c.f. John 3:16). God sent Jesus Christ to earth to help you experience authentic love and the joys of Heaven. Authentic love regardless comes from God himself and he bestows it to all of us to help us find our suitable partner just like our first parents, Adam and Eve. God loves you so much that he even knows your name before you are born! The Creator, the giver of the source of life knows you and loves you even before you are conceived by your mother and knows your name. Think about that. Even before you meet your spouse, God has already fallen in love with you!

This new year will challenge us when it comes to relationships. I know this first hand already, but I know that God has fallen in love with me and wants me to know true authentic love in a courtship with a woman and help her and my children grow in holiness and lead a prayerful life that will (God willing) all of us being canonized Saints one day.

During this new year, I am challenging myself to read Psalms 27 and 43. I am challenging myself to pray the Rosary for my future spouse every day (even when I do not feel like praying the Rosary), and most importantly, offering my Holy Communion for her. My favorite verse from Psalm 27 is “Wait for the Lord with courage; be stoutheard, and wait for the Lord.” (C.f. Psalm 27:13-14). Why do I love this verse so much? I love this because as someone, who is praying to be in an authentic courtship with a woman, I must wait for the Lord to help me and be courageous in being a man and one who will be authentic in what I believe and say.

My favorite verse from Psalm 43 is “Send forth your light and your fidelity; they shall lead me on and bring to your holy mountain, to your dwelling-place.” (C.f. 43:3). Why is this another favorite of mine? It reminds me that God will always be faithful to me and will lead me to obtain the perfect joys and happiness and see him at his holy mountain and see where the Father dwells in Heaven. It reminds me that I must be like Christ and be faithful to my bride and my family just as Christ gave up his life through the cross for the Church.

In this new year, I encourage all of us, who are single, in a courtship, or whatever your current relationship status is, to remind yourself and your future spouse every day that God loves you so much and wants you to be happy! Please love God back and like Our Lady of Fatima said, “Pray the Rosary daily!”

Let us pray the Rosary, pray the Mass when we attend Mass, offer our Holy Communion for our future spouse regardless if they are present with us. Have a blessed New Year and my God bless you and Mary keep you!