10 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Melancholic

melancholic person

Most of the four temperaments mesh really well together. Sanguines and cholerics can often be compatible. Just about anyone can get along with a phlegmatic. But the melancholic temperament can be a different story.

They’re deep thinkers with a strong will, so getting to know and understand them takes more effort.

It’s important to understand the way that melancholics feel and experience things. Because they process things so intensely, it can sometimes take a while to learn what makes them tick.

But once you do, you’ll be amazed at the wealth of wisdom, loyalty, and devotion that resides within those with a melancholic personality.

Feeling ready to venture into a relationship with a deep thinking partner? Indulge in a little pre-dating advice by browsing over the following facts about dating someone with a melancholic personality.

1. Melancholics can be shy 

melancholic person

It’s true that someone with this personality type can go deep in conversation. However, it can take a while for someone with a melancholic personality to warm up and feel comfortable in the presence of most people.

Most melancholics are introverted from birth. They live deep within themselves and can easily clam up when they feel unappreciated or misunderstood.

If you’re dating a melancholic, seek to understand his or her strengths and encourage them. Focus less on their weaknesses.

2. They tend towards perfectionism

melancholic person

Sure, it sounds great to loosen up and enjoy life a little. But the melancholic temperament is just not hard wired like the laid back phlegmatic.

Your average melancholic will always strive to do their best, whether it be on an exam in college or cleaning the baseboards at home.

When dating a melancholic, it’s important to remember that it can sometimes feel like they are being overly critical. But more than likely, they’re just trying to bring out the best in you, themselves, and life in general.

3. A melancholic is loyal

melancholic person

When a melancholic loves you, they love you hard. They will pray for, think about, and sacrifice for you. The melancholic personality wants only the best for you.

If you’re dating this personality type, remember that they may retract into themselves at times or need space. But they’ll always have your back and care about you deeply.

When melancholics are all in, they are really all in.

4. They have an eye for detail

melancholic person

The melancholic temperament notices almost everything. If you’re dating a melancholic and they’re upset, it’s important to carefully weigh your words and actions.

Sanguines allow a harsh word here or there to roll off their back. But the melancholic personality type will latch onto details and struggle to let them go.

5. Sarcasm and this temperament do not mesh

melancholic person

Your average melancholic takes things literally. Often, they won’t pick up on or understand sarcasm as easily as other personality types. Careless words could end up causing harm.

It’s okay to kid around gently or tell a good knock knock joke now and then. However, the melancholic prefers serious discussions and intelligent banter to silly conversations.

6. It takes a melancholic a while to make a decision

The melancholic wants to make the right choices. But, it can take them a while to get there.

Maybe you just need to know where they want to eat for dinner. Or perhaps you’re discussing a more challenging topic. Regardless of the decision, this personality type will often need time to come to an answer that they feel comfortable with.

This aspect of their personality can be annoying at times. But it comes in handy when you need to make long term, life changing decisions. The melancholic will remind you to take important things to prayer.

You know that you’re not going to get a lazy, quick answer from a melancholic partner.

7. They get excited, but it often comes on slowly

friends talking to each other

A melancholic may not jump up and down right away at your exciting news. But once they process the news, they’ll shower you with compliments about your achievements.

This personality type will often spend a good deal of time thinking about the things you’ve done and accomplished.

They’ll celebrate, but it will be on their own timeline.

8. Romance and melancholics go hand in hand 

Melancholics long for an ideal love. This can bring beauty and quality to a romantic relationship. This personality type deeply appreciates meaningful actions. Your thoughtful gifts will not go unnoticed.

They enjoy quality time and your company will often be the best gift you could give them.

9. Melancholics are rule followers

Does your partner read the fine print and follow all the guidelines? Chances are that they’re a melancholic. This personality type arrive places on time. They appreciate it when others are punctual as well.

Melancholics are not big risk takers and want absolutely nothing to do with breaking the law. This makes for great saints! This personality type wants to lead good and holy lives.

Don’t ever get down on your partner for being a party pooper. His or her honesty and integrity is a rare find in today’s world!

10. They’re not the most flexible 

The typical melancholic easily gets set in their ways. It can take a world’s worth of persuasion to convince them otherwise.

If you’re dating a melancholic, remember that they thrive on structure, routine, and rules. Once they make a decision, that’s it (usually).

This temperament is a beautifully deep one. Some of the greatest philosophers and artists were born with this personality type. They feel an abundance of emotions and think deeper than many of us will ever be privileged to go.

Know and love your partner for who he or she is. Appreciate their many gifts, and the different (or not so different) ways that they use and express them.