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Your Guide to Meeting Local Catholic Singles

Last modified: July 18, 2019 Avatar for Cassi VillanuevaBy Cassi Villanueva
Your Guide to Meeting Local Catholic Singles
  1. I’m a little jealous of how easy Adam and Eve had it when it came to finding the perfect spouse. They didn’t have to create an online dating profile. Eve didn’t have to go out and try to meet other Catholic singles. Adam didn’t have to search for his perfect match. God created them specifically for each other.

How nice would it be to fall into a nice long slumber, only to wake up to the person you’d happily spend the rest of your life with?

Meeting Catholic singles in modern day isn’t quite as easy as it was back in the Garden of Eden. But it’s still important to know and believe that God has a plan for your life, just like he had a plan for our original parents.

The dating scene these days looks a lot different than meeting up at the apple tree for an afternoon chat. Today’s dating world is all about meeting singles online. You may also meet other Catholic singles over coffee, or in a group!

With the exception of Adam and Eve’s situation, meeting singles is easier now than it’s ever been. But that’s not just because the internet connects people all over the world.

Sure, online dating is making meeting Mr. or Mrs. right not so much of a long shot. But you may come to find that he or she is living right down the street from you.

Are you at a place in your life where you are interested in dating someone? If you’re looking local, check out these tips. They’ll help you get ready to venture out and meet other Catholic singles!

1. Check out Catholic singles on dating sites

catholic singles

People often think that online dating only means connecting with people who live miles and miles away. The reality is that many local singles are connecting through dating websites.

Coffee and dinners aren’t the only way to share conversation anymore. Some of the greatest relationships have begun from singles who took their search for singles online and were able to easily meet people who they clicked with.

2. Get involved with local groups


Online sites like meetup provide easy ways to meet singles. These site provide information about men and women who are connecting at different events in local areas.

If you want to meet other Catholic singles, start by spending time with a good group of friends. Conversations and events together may result in you meeting and dating a person that you never would have known before!

3. Meet Catholic singles at your parish

meeting new people by visiting parishes

Attending Mass on Sunday is one thing, but taking advantage of all the volunteer opportunities in your parish is another. You know the old adage that sometimes you get what you’re looking for when you’re actually not looking for it? Well, it definitely applies to dating.

Sometimes when you turn your focus to groups of people in need and spend quality time at events that benefit others, you’ll benefit triple fold. Maybe you could start by helping out at youth group, or handing out donuts after Mass. Not only will you feel fulfilled because you’re helping others, you’ll also meet and have conversation with singles that you may never have noticed before.

Best of all, they will be men and women who most likely share the same values and moral life as you.

4. Download some dating apps

dating apps

Easy to use and often free, online dating apps are the newest way to meet other local Catholic singles. Some apps boast of features like instant messaging and secure meetups. These apps take a lot of the leg work of dating out of the equation leaving more time for you to enjoy the fun part!

Online dating apps have truly put the “easy” in dating online. They make having great conversation, connecting with groups of like minded people and dating in general a lot simpler.

Looking for a simple, but direct way to meet other Catholic singles? Dating apps can help you meet singles in an easier and faster way than you’ve ever experienced before.

5. Ask your friends to set you up

setting up a friend for a date

Sure, technology and apps help connect you to local Catholic singles. But don’t forget about more old-fashioned options, too. Perhaps the most obvious, but definitely underutilized, is asking for a little help from your friends.

If you know and enjoy the people you hang around with, chances are they will be able to connect you to men or women that you’ll like equally as well (or hopefully even better!).

Ask your friends to connect you with different groups of people they know. Maybe have them take you along to an event or two where they know that some of their single friends will be. Let them set you up on a blind date for Sunday coffee after Mass or Saturday night drinks.

We’re not as spoiled as Adam and Eve were in the Garden when it comes to finding a match. But we do have to appreciate the fact that the many ways to meet singles that we do have are pretty awesome.

Try a casual coffee date with a group of local singles, drinks shared on a blind date, or good conversation with someone you’ve recently met online. There are so many ways you can to meet and share time with people!

Avatar for Cassi Villanueva

Cassi Villanueva is a freelance writer and contributing blogger at Catholic Singles. Born and raised in the south, when she's not writing, she can be found spending time with her husband and four children in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

    Julie Schulz
    17 Sep 2019

    I am a 72 yr. old nice lady who is looking for a nice man for companionship. I enjoy activities the people of my age enjoy. I enjoy going out to lunch or dinner. I like Broadway shows and movies.
    I enjoy travel. But, haven’t done much. As you see I enjoy the simple things in life.
    My children and grandchildren are my first loves. But, I would very much like to have a special person who is willing to be kinda and caring. Someone who enjoys my company. If course, that means I am able to do the same. I am caring, loving, affectionate, a good listener and looking Dr the same in a good man.

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