Get Out Of Your Slump!

Get Out Of Your Slump!

Unless you’re Barbie or a dwarf called Happy you’ll most likely, at some point in life, go through what’s called a “slump”; that sluggish day, week or month of mere survival of existence. All of us pull through a slump with the help of romantic comedies, video games or wine but few of us get pulled out of a slump. For that you need something more than an emotional Band-Aid. It takes inspiration. And let’s face it. It’s hard to be dating when you are not feeling inspired. So, in order for you to be feeling your best when that smile or email comes your way, let’s get to work.
Starting with the basics.

Things can inspire. I know that sounds materialistic but the truth is all the stuff God made is good and beautiful and some of the stuff man makes can get darn close to it. Inspiring things are easy to come by. Every day we pass by big and small things we aspire to have; we want that couch in our living room, the watch on our wrist or those pink roses in our yard. They pull us out of ourselves and give us something to work for. They are the most easily accessible of inspirations, if you don’t mind cracking opening your wallet once in a while.

The drawback with things is that the inspiration doesn’t last long. Once you get your “thing” the satisfaction starts to wear off like a pump of Givenchy and life smells the way it did before.

Another category of inspiration is people. These are a little more forceful; as human beings we tend to think about amazing people more than amazing things. Cool denim or the Jag F-Type may be a worthy water cooler conversation but we can spend an entire Saturday day-dreaming of an amazing person we met Friday or even spend all night talking to him or her. One person can change your life. You shake hands with someone fit and all the sudden you want to get off the couch and jog.

The drawback with people is that you don’t have any control over them. Some will come and go with the tide, a few at their own will, and maybe a couple will always be there for you. You just enjoy people while they’re there and hope for the best. Maybe you’re looking for something more stable.

Well, there’s the spiritual inspiration. The things that are spiritual last forever. Good thoughts are spiritual. Scripture is spiritual. God is spiritual. The spirit is our most powerful motivator, probably because, well, we’re spiritual too. These are the inspirations that can literally obliterate a slump in minutes.

Again, the tough side is that they are difficult to acquire. It’s not easy to see the invisible world. It takes patience, silence, alone time, all things that generally only happen if you have a long commute to work in a car with a broken radio.

Which inspiration do you need to get out of a slump? The thing, the person, God? Why not mix it up? I generally go for all three. I know I haven’t named them all so if there’s something that inspires you share it!