I Paid to Message My Now-Husband on a Catholic Dating Site—You Don’t Have to Do That!

online dating subscription

During my time on Catholic dating sites, I couldn’t send messages to other members. I also couldn’t read messages sent to me because of the limitations of my free account. If I wanted to talk to someone on the platforms, I had to subscribe and pay.

This put the pressure on me to make sure I was “getting my money’s worth” when I paid for a subscription. I often scrolled endlessly and sent messages haphazardly to ensure that I was getting the most out of my paid account status.

I ended up messaging people I wasn’t truly interested in, or scrolling for hours on end to try to find “the one”. Having to pay to communicate definitely turned online dating into more of a shopping experience for me. It also left me with some tough decisions.

I paid for messaging so I could connect with my now-husband

online dating subscription

When I was an off-and-on paying member of Catholic dating sites, I was a fresh college graduate, living in a brand new city far away from my hometown, friends, and family. Some months I simply didn’t have enough money to pay to message someone back on an online dating site. But that meant that I was in a dating rut for a month, and I also struggled to expand my Catholic social circle.

If I could pay again the next month, most people who had tried to talk with me had moved on. I’m sure this happened in reverse, too.

One of the most memorable times that paid messaging hurt my online dating experience happened when I was unemployed. A new match popped up while I was visiting family. He and I chatted a bit. I decided I wanted to talk with him more, but that I would have to wait until I came back from my visit.

In the ensuing time, my online dating subscription ended. I really wanted to message this man again and get to know him better! But I had no income at the time and really could barely afford to buy food, let alone pay to talk to him. I  paid for messaging anyway (and ate frozen chicken nuggets and baked potatoes for a few weeks to make up the money difference!). Now, that man and I are married.

But the price of paid messaging was fairly devastating in the moment.

Free messaging is a Catholic dating game changer

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Now, why am I telling you about my experience about paying for messaging to meet someone on a Catholic dating site? Because Catholic Singles is now the only Catholic dating site that offers free messaging between matches. In two decades of Catholic online dating sites, Catholic Singles is the first and only platform to offer this feature.

And this is an extraordinary thing for you and your Catholic online dating experience.

Being able to message someone for free saves you money and time. This feature allows you to talk with more people, combatting the anxiety and fear wrapped up in “getting your money’s worth.” It also helps you combat the shopping mentality that is easy to fall into with online dating.

You can be more level-headed and take your time. You won’t have to make tough decisions upfront and potentially miss out on people you would match well with (or get into a bad relationship too quickly). With Catholic Singles, as long as you’re mutual favorites, you can message each other for free.

Guilt has no place in online Catholic dating

online dating

Each day, you can log onto your Catholic Singles account and find a different number of favorites. If you are mutual favorites with someone, you have free unlimited messaging.

The number of favorites is capped, but that’s a good thing. Having a capped number of daily favorites can help you discern better. You don’t have to jump into anything too quickly, and can connect with different kinds of people.

If you’re a premium member, you have access to an unlimited free messaging. Going premium is a great option if you’re on high alert for friends and expanding your community, or laser-focused on finding a potential partner.

You can always read messages that someone sends you regardless of your account status. This means that you won’t have to let a message sit unread in your inbox. Senders won’t be left wondering if someone isn’t interested or if that person just can’t see the message.

This certainly would’ve helped me a lot and alleviated some guilt I felt when I couldn’t reply to messages any longer or couldn’t even read them in the first place. Guilt has no place in Catholic dating.

Catholic Singles is here to help you discern your vocation

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Catholic Singles is making communication clear cut. It’s no longer an elite feature. This new feature recognizes the human dignity of all of our members (paid and free!).

Dating, discernment, and marriage aren’t just for the few who can afford to pay for messaging on an online dating site. We’re all worthy of connection, communication, and community. We’re all called to some vocation and Catholic Singles is interested in helping you discover that.

Catholic Singles helps you stop shopping and start discerning your vocation. Happy messaging!

Are you ready to take the next step in discerning your vocation and set up an online dating profile with Catholic Singles? We make it easy! You can start connecting with other single Catholics in less than ten minutes, all without paying to message them. Sign up today!

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