Flirt Away! One Guy’s Perspective on Women and Flirting.

One Guy's Perspective on Women and Flirting

I get the sense that girls are getting tired of dieting their body into the perfect shape to get a guy’s attention. At least that’s what I was told when I turned on the radio and heard a sassy voice tell me for three minutes that it’s All About That Bass. Meghan Trainer, by the way, is my new celebrity crush (sorry Scarlett).
I don’t really blame them. I mean, who wants to shake a medicine ball all afternoon when you could be out horseback riding or starting a second hand clothing business.

What does surprise me is how they got it in their heads in the first place that being in perfect shape would seriously increase their odds of attracting a guy. Yes, that guy may turn his head on his daily jog, but it’s really nothing new. He’ll say, “wow” for about 1.6 seconds and then move on. Maybe he’ll say “wow, wow”; but it’s not like he’s going to bring it up in bar talk that he saw a cute girl in great shape while going for a run. His buddy would be like, “OK man, whatever.”

On the other hand he will talk about the one in a thousand girl who asked to keep pace with him because she “forgot” her timer or the one who smiled and waved. Too bad she was going clockwise. Run the other direction next time. They may not have been in perfect shape but they sure knew how to flirt. Yes, flirt. And they won’t be single very long.

Flirting, however, is on the verge of being a lost art in some circles. It’s not just that I rarely see flirting happen. It’s that girls themselves say they have no idea how to do it. I speak for Catholic groups, I run Q&A’s, I meet up with young professionals and I run into situations like:

Girl has no idea if a guy is interested in her. And she has no idea how to show that she’s interested in him.

I say, “How did he react when you flirted with him?”

“Flirting, what’s that?”

Oh, please. A girl who can’t flirt is like a guy who can’t cook steak. The human race is ending.

It’s her way of showing interest without committing and embarrassing herself. It’s her way of finding out if he’s interested in her without asking him outright in a circle of fifteen other people. That would be embarrassing too. It’s words. It’s expressions. It’s posture. “It’s a touch,” this girl sitting next to me at Freshens just added. She seems nice, I’ll take her word. In the end, flirting shows you have personality; that one thing that guys will appreciate more than perfect shape.

This is not a “how to” blog and I don’t think it’s in my place to do a flirting workshop for the opposite sex. However, I will say that if there’s a lot of single girls in the world by 2020 it’s not because they were size 3.3 instead of a size 3. They’ve probably simply lost “the touch”. So go ahead and eat that cheese pizza, but please, try to flirt a little.