5 Unique Gifts God Gave Men

Gentlemen, you have a masculine genius.

You may not be aware of it but you have many innate gifts that God has given to you. These gifts are given to you for you share with the world, but specifically to share with women, and for you to share with that one special princess who will be your wife.

You have the gift of physical strength

Unique Gifts God Gave Men || Strength

All of us can remember in the September 11th tragedy hearing about the firemen and policemen involved in the rescue. These men carried men, women, and children, down flights of stairs, out of burning buildings. These men were heroic. They sacrificed for others. They used their physical strength to help people, to help save lives.

One of my brothers, Andrew, is a firefighter. He is 38. As a firefighter, he has received specialize training in rescuing people. He has a specialized training in the use of ropes, using ropes to rescue people from skyscrapers. He also has underwater training to rescue people in water rescues. He also is an amazing cook, having had to learn to cook for large groups of men at the firehouse.

Last year, he visited the elementary school I taught at to do community outreach. He taught the kindergarteners what to do in the event of an emergency.

He picked one kindergartener up and swung him over his shoulder, as he would in a rescue, explaining to the children that they should not be afraid if they saw a guy like him in their house with a firefighter uniform on and a mask; that they should view him as a good guy. I was proud of my brother Andrew. He was and is using his masculine genius given to him by God.

Men, you all have the gift of strength. You are stronger than I am and you are stronger than most women. You can pick up bags and bags of groceries that are hard for women to carry. You can open heavy doors for the ladies and you should do this. You can pick up small children and bring them to their next destination.

I always love it when gentlemen open doors for me. You should open the car doors for your girlfriends and wives. You should pick them up from their locations. You should be a gentleman always. Christ is a gentleman. He is your model.

You are a provider for all those around you

Unique Gifts God Gave Men || You are a provider for all those around you

You can provide for your princess. She will allow you to take care of her. God has given many of you the gift of making money, of being an outstanding businessman. Not every woman has this. Many do not. You can be a provider for your family. You can take care of the woman you marry, you can provide for her.

Maybe she wants to be a stay-at-home mom and educate the children. There is something to be said for a woman being at home and making a beautiful home, cooking a beautiful meal. Many women want to do this. Women are the culture-makers; that is one of our gifts from God.

Many married women do not want to work a 60-hour job. They want to provide for their prince — for their husband. Two-job families often do not allow for this. This frenetic pace of life takes its tolls on families, on relationships, on our spiritual lives.

If you do not have a wife, you can use your gifts and teach women about money. Many are in broken relationships and do not know how to handle their money. Many homes are single-parent homes with these days with women or men raising children alone. You can volunteer in your community.

Teach women about good financial stewardship, about saving for the future, how to handle money as God would want us to handle money. Dave Ramsey is a Christian who speaks and teaches about financial stewardship. You could volunteer in your church to teach his Financial Peace University classes to the women in your church.

You can sacrifice all day every day

Unique Gifts God Gave Men || You can sacrifice all day every day

Gentlemen, you are called to give the gift of self. You can sacrifice for the women in your life. You can lay your life down as Christ played his life down. You can give the gift of self as Christ did.

What better example do we have than our servant leader Jesus Christ, who washed the feet of his disciples, who played his life down and took up His cross, dying for all of humanity! Gentleman, you are called to be like Christ.

Choosing to marry one woman and sacrifice for her demands the gift of self. It demands that we lay our lives down,that we die to our selves.

Gentlemen, you can do this. You can give up the often-fun dating world and choose the path of your vocation, following Christ as your model. Choose to commit to one woman, for life.

You are the defender of the family

Unique Gifts God Gave Men || You are the defender of the family

Just as St. Joseph was the defender of the Holy Family, gentlemen you are called to defend your wife and your future family. You are called to defend that family against pornography, against impurity. Are the websites and books allowed into your house ones that are treating women as an object?

You are called to protect your household against impure websites, books, etc. You are called to treat women as the princesses they are. You are called to respect women. You can do it. God has designed and equipped you to do it.

You can share your sense of humor with the world

Unique Gifts God Gave Men || You can share your sense of humor with the world

I have noticed that men often have a really funny sense of humor; often much more than I do. While women can get very upset about the small problems of life, men are often able to solve those problems and view them with the sense of humor or at least help women not to worry about them so much. Women have their own special gifts, but men usually have the funny gift. They help us see the humor in life.

Gentlemen, you have so many more gifts than the ones I have listed. But these are few of the gifts of the masculine genius. The world needs you to share your gifts! The world needs the masculine genius. You can make our world a better place!

    1 Oct 2017

    Great Post! From your friend in San Antonio 😉


    2 Oct 2017

    I grew up thinking that life is a joy ride. My father was and is still Muslim, and I never set my eyes and heart on Jesus, even though I was raised with a Catholic formal education. Now that I “wisened up,” I find articles like this extremely informative and useful. Thanks a lot.

    7 Oct 2017

    I have long recognized what wonderful creatures men are and how I, as a mature woman, really love and appreciate them. I want to

    7 Oct 2017

    I respect men who are strong and not ashamed of their masculinity. They long to be needed by women and love it when we thank them for being a man. I think the women’s movement has destroyed their courage to go after and actively protect women like they used to and should do. I pray for my future husband often on my Rosary.

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