Dating & Politics

You turn the news on today and front line you hear about politics. And politics. And more politics. The only thing you really have to notice though is how this is affecting your relationships because Presidents come and go but “the one” lasts for ever, or so they tell us. Political ideas can really mess up your relationships because few of the things said in politics actually work in relationships.
Be ready to recognize political sound bites creeping into your romantic experiences. Here are a few to beware of and how to handle them.

I’m going to buy a steak and you are going to pay for it. If you hear these words you may be on the edge of a break-up or perhaps already broken up.

“How obnoxious,” you may think. Freeloader? I have to pay for what you order?

Actually this push back approach is practiced more by the wealthy and less by those in need of wealth. After years or decades of being used (perceived or real) for their money they one day snap and say, “No more.” I am ordering a steak tonight and you will pay for it. Only problem is, you may not have the cash.

What to do? Try to help your economy savvy and wealthy partner realize that although you do not bring much cash to the relationship you may have other values: like your caring, thoughtful, genuine personality, your 10 minute egglplant parmesan recipe, or your keen ability to parallel park and maintain a backseat conversation at the same time. Sooo helpful when the kids come. There is more to a relationship than money.

I’ve done an awesome job at relationships and proud to say I have had no scandals. Really? You are just the perfect person? A short Google search later you find out he is under investigation for financial fraud or she has been married twice more than she admitted.

It is possible to have a real relationship with one of these types. The catch? They will most likely never admit to making a mistake so as long as you are OK with regularly glossing over their flaws you could have something going for yourself. Otherwise, this political type may not be for you.

What? You think I’m wrong? I’m throwing stuff. These people are actually some of the most deeply compassionate, kind, and loving people you will ever date—until they feel they have lost or you disagree with them. The switch flips and you find yourself shielding your car windows or deflecting social media attacks.

That can be tough to live with but we can’t be too picky. So if you find yourself dating one of these simply avoid competitive situations in which your partner may lose or be proven wrong. Trivia night at a midtown bar? Not such a good idea. 5k with finisher medals all around? That’s closer to it.

Politics may be ruining our news feed but let’s not let it ruin our relationships, above all, our relationship with God. Be ready to recognize it. Know what you’re up against. Know what you are willing to compromise. Know what to do.