Is Dating Today Harder Than Ever?

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These days, we have the world at our fingertips. Technology that we never thought was possible is now available to us. But are we thriving? Are we happy?

With everything that has happened in our society the past few years, online dating and Catholic dating in particular has been challenged on many levels. 

The way men and women communicate, the rules of dating, and having to navigate the idea of connecting with someone online can all seem overwhelming.

Many men and women alike are unhappy with their dating lives, so we decided to investigate why that is.

Many people have a hard time finding a date

Wait, what? Even in heavily populated areas, people can’t find someone to date? According to a recent Pew Research study, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Of the people who responded to the survey, two-thirds said that they weren’t happy with their dating life. When asked why, they cited various reasons, which were different for each sex.

Some of the reasons men and women say it’s hard to find people are:

  • Finding it hard to approach people
  • The challenges of finding someone looking for the same kind of relationship
  • Finding someone who meets one’s expectations
  • A limited number of people living in a certain area
  • Being too busy
  • People not being interested in them

But an interesting thing happened when people who had tried online dating were polled. The answers weren’t as negative.

Most online daters report positive experiences

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While a majority of singles unhappy with dating, there was one group that had a positive report. That was the group of people who were looking for love online. More than 57% of people who were dating online reported that their experiences have been positive. Within this group, both men and women reported equally.

When asked what why they were having positive experiences, people with online dating profiles reported that they found it easier to find people that: 

  • They were physically attracted to
  • Shared their hobbies and interests
  • Seem like someone they want to meet in person
  • Are looking for the same kind of relationship

Interestingly enough, many Catholic dating singles report the same thing. 

Almost half the public claims dating is harder now than ever


47% of single adults say that dating today is harder than it was just ten years ago. With all of the societal issues that have arisen, it’s no wonder they’re answering that way. 

It’s not as easy as it used to be to just find someone, sit down over a meal, and see if you’re a good match. But it should be. 

The interesting thing is that when you ask the same people if anything has made dating easier in the past ten years, “technology” is the overwhelming response.

In a world where jobs, transportation, and even ordering tonight’s dinner has been made better by technology, it seems reasonable that dating would be improved by new technology, too.

Is online dating a better option?

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In a world where dating does seem to be getting harder, what’s the fix? Could it be online dating?

Catholics who have profiles with Catholic Singles sure think so, as do many other singles who have taken their love life online. The ease of being able to navigate a dating app cuts out all the static of trying over and over to find the right person off screen. 

When Americans are asked why online dating works so well, they cite reasons such as:

  • Expanded options
  • Success stories
  • Evaluating people before meeting in person

One woman, a twenty-eight year old, who was surveyed said online dating makes it “easy to meet people. It’s easy to break the ice. Easy to size up people to see if you would like to really date them.”

14% of poll respondents enjoy how these online dating platforms can connect people who are like minded and share the same interests so easily. 

“It’s easier to find someone who shares your interest and values. Easier to identify what you have in common before you decide to pursue spending time together,”  said a fifty-four year old man who was surveyed.

Don’t make dating more complicated

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While it can be easy to get down on dating during challenging seasons, it’s important to remember how blessed we are to live in a time that gives us access to so many different dating options. 

Whether you choose to explore meeting someone online or in person, there are always other options available if the first doesn’t work out.

Catholic dating online is a new frontier for love, and the success stories speak loud and clear. If it’s working for so many others, it can work for you too! Yes, dating may be harder than it used to be, but it’s not impossible. In fact, when done correctly, it can be good, holy, and true.

Online dating is worth the effort 

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Dating may be hard at times, but what good things in life come without a struggle? Good athletes go through growing pains to get to success. A beautiful baby doesn’t enter the world without the difficult labor.

Good things require sacrifice and suffering can make us stronger. Don’t be discouraged, especially when there is so much good still out there.

God’s path for each one of us is so different, and regardless of how it is laid out, we just have to choose to take it. Whether yours is in an online dating app or a Catholic dating group at your local parish, embrace it and know that God will bless your journey.

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