How Dating Coaches Helped Me Date Better as a Single Catholic Woman

One of my very good friends Mave is a life coach. She helps me experience the most meaningful, rich life right in the present moment. A woman who has done her own work in life, she is passionate about helping other women experience more freedom and wholeness.

In August 2019, I went down to Florida to visit this girlfriend and have my first experience of surfing. Both of us were single and had online dating profiles at the time. One afternoon, Mave started showing me one of the tools that were helping her grow into a healthier, more self aware woman on the dating scene. 

She also shared about some female dating coaches she was learning from. Many of them had programs to purchase or coaching groups to try out. But even better, many of these dating coaches have lots of free resources, including a library of YouTube videos to watch and learn from.

To say I have learned a lot from these is an understatement. I’m learning about the difference between masculine and feminine energy and where I experience both in my own life. I’m learning what it means to be open and lean back into my own life. These lessons have included learning about trust and how to allow that the right man to come into my life. Bur I’ve also learned what it means to trust myself, my intuition, and believe I have everything I need to make good choices in the men I date.

While I do not have the money in my budget to pay for a life or dating coach, I have benefited greatly from the principles of many of these coaching videos.

Here are some of my favorites for the female readers. I hope you will find them as helpful as I did!

Break through blocks keeping you single

I recently watched this video for the first time. This particular dating coach is one of my favorites. 

The best, easiest way to summarize it? We all have baggage and wounds we bring with us into a relationship. The point is that often these can be blocks to having a healthy, life-giving relationship with a partner. Breaking through the blocks that keep you single is taking the time to do your own deep soul work. Spend time looking at the unprocessed baggage you need to deal with first.

Identifying your limiting beliefs is the primary place to begin this soul work, according to dating coach Valerie Greene. She offers the viewer practical questions to think about and tangible ways to help you undo and break through barriers holding you back from a healthy relationship.

How to not give your heart away before a man has earned it

This video addresses a principle I’ve had to work hard to apply in my own life: do not become overly attached to a man from the beginning. Do not get attached to the outcome. I have had to learn this lesson the hard way sometimes, often more times than I would care to admit!

This video looks at the importance of a woman leaning back into her feminine energy as she is in the beginning stages of getting to know a man, before they are exclusive. If a woman gives away her heart too quickly to a man, there is a strong possibility she may be getting too attached to the outcome (a committed relationship, marriage, etc.).

Trust and allow the right man to enter into your life as you go about living your best life right now. Have fun and be open to the dating process, allow yourself to enjoy it and have fun. Don’t give away your heart too soon! If you sense you may be unknowingly doing that, this video will offer you some practical ideas on how to regroup and learn from the experience.

How to stop anxiety and overthinking from pushing him away

Women sometimes act in ways they may not realize, and in the process, unknowingly push a man away. Dating coach Helen Hart discusses how sometimes the urgency of women can push men away. There can be a need for a woman to move things forward or try to make something happen. Let me tell you something, that never works out well, or at least it doesn’t give you the result you desire.

The video goes on to discuss that urgency happens when a woman’s masculine energy (we all have both masculine and feminine energy) is not being utilized or used in your own life. This will lead you to feel more urgent or anxious about your love life.

In this short video, Helena offers several steps to help women practically take the focus off of a man and refocus back on their own life.

I’ve definitely made my own share of dating mistakes. I’ve learned a lot from female coaches like the ones I feature here. What are some other tools or resources helping you become a healthier, more self aware dater?