Dating And Other Things Catholic: What Seminary Taught Me About Single Life

Three years ago I began writing a book for single Catholic professionals. The demographic of single professionals in the Catholic Church is growing. On one hand the young adult groups are growing not only in numbers, but in age limits, as well. We now have 39 year olds going to young adult activities. Raise your hand if you are one of them.
It is OK. 39 is the new 20. Take into account though that you are now single for two decades rather than half a decade as in generations past. Do not waste that precious time.

The Catholic Church, however, has little to offer these people. Catholic authors tend to focus on marriage, chastity, theology of the body, or single life as a vocation of acceptance until God sends you “the one”. All of that is beautiful but none of that, however, will help you figure out the real day to day problems singles may face such as:

“Should I do just drinks or take her to dinner?”
“Is this relationship going anywhere?”
“How do I get over this break-up?”
“Is it time for me to move on from this job?”

I began to write a book because I refuse to believe that the Catholic Church just wants us to “focus on Christ” and wait for Him to send us a datable companion, a better career, or just make us better people through grace alone. I think She has more to teach us than that; only, few have yet looked in the right places to find it. Now it is in this book. You can find it at Amazon by clicking here

After three years of interviewing singletons, studying the problems they face, and applying a new methodology, the book is finally here. It is the go to publication for Catholic professionals to date better, move on quicker, move up higher, and find meaning in the decades they have as a single layman or laywoman.

I hope you enjoy it.