Dateworthy? “Isn’t It Romantic?”

isn't it romantic

Is “Isn’t it Romantic,” the latest romantic comedy to hit the theater, worth a date night? Yes!

This incredibly funny and inventive spoof of romantic comedies is boosted immensely by the terrific lead performance of lead actress Rebel Wilson of “Pitch Perfect” fame. The movie is tastefully done to boot! It’s pitch perfect for any date and might be the best romantic comedy so far in the 2000s.

It’s rare to find a movie star who truly has unique qualities. This is especially true when they manage to shine despite not hitting Hollywood’s standards of bodily perfection. But Rebel Wilson made quite a splash over the last few years in the “Pitch Perfect” trilogy of blockbuster comedies. She knocks a home run with her first star turn in the new romantic comedy, “Isn’t It Romantic.”

This movie tells the story of a lonely woman whose life changes when she’s hit in the head and wakes up to find her life has become a romantic comedy movie. “Romantic” manages to be both funny and romantic. It also throws in a couple of high-energy musical numbers that are incredibly entertaining. You will not go wrong seeing this on a date!

“Romantic” turns romantic comedy clichés upside down

isn't it romantic

“Isn’t It Romantic” plays fast and loose with every cliché in the romantic comedy genre to hilarious results. The film stars comic force of nature Rebel Wilson as a New York City architect named Natalie in her first-ever lead performance. It opens by showing that she was obsessed with the movie “Pretty Woman” as a child in the 1990s. Then her mother convinced her that romantic comedies are filled with lies and no man will ever marry her since she’s heavyset.

Natalie is first seen waking up in an insanely tiny apartment. Then, she trudges to an office where she gets zero respect from everyone except her best friend Josh (Adam Devine). Josh is secretly in love with her. But Natalie hopelessly pines for a handsome billionaire client named Blake (Liam Hemsworth). Blake utterly disregards Natalie and treats her like the office coffee girl.

But things change when Natalie bangs her head into a pole while escaping a subway mugger. She wakes up to a shinier, hopelessly happier world in which everyone and everything around her seems to be part of a giant real-life romantic comedy. Suddenly Blake is obsessed with her. Natalie’s newly glowing confidence is making her a star at work and her humble hovel has become an endlessly large, palatial condo filled with dozens of glamorous shoes and outfits that fit her perfectly.

To get back to the real world, she has to convince someone to fall in love with her. Natalie sets her sights on winning Blake over. When Josh suddenly is engaged to a supermodel (Priyanka Chopra), she has to decide to pick a guy.

A movie filled with class, both on the screen and in what it leaves off of it

isn't it romantic

This no doubt sounds predictable again, but the script by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox and Katie Silberman and the direction by Todd Strauss-Schulson are magical. “Isn’t it Romantic” tears apart seemingly hundreds of ridiculous rom com tropes while constantly creating fresh takes on the timeworn genre. Strauss-Schulson keeps everything movie with incredible energy. He includes two incredible song and dance numbers that had the audience applauding and cheering loudly.

Even more appealing is the fact that the movie is written and performed with a lot of class and taste compared to most current comedy movies. There is very little foul language, no depicted sex or major nudity, and only brief comical violence, while taking a stand for genuine love and emotions and serious relationships over shallow sex-based affairs. A delight from start to finish, you will find this a great night out

The breakdown

Laughs: 10

Characters: 10

Story: 10

Emotions and romance: 10

Overall: 10