Courtship and Your Catholic Faith

It has been a while since a courtship blog and as many people are starting to court over these long summer days, what would be better to start off the week than a courtship blog?
Courtships has been thought of by today’s young people as something that is for old people. Courtships are a beautiful thing that signifies something that is very intimate with the man and woman. It signifies that they have accepted and discerned what God wants for them and wants them to have a family in a way that is holy and acceptable in his eyes.

When I first became a Tridentine Latin Mass goer, I honestly thought that courtships were a thing of the past and that a couple should date. Now, I have learned something about courtships that are increasingly beautiful and that is praying for your spouse through Novenas and Rosaries. The Solemnity of the Most Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is possibly my favorite feast and solemnity ever since Saint Joseph is my favorite male Saint and who is my inspiration on discerning who I should court and marry according to God’s plan! Saints Zelie and Louis Martin are possibly the best role models in a world that is against marriage and wants to attack the family life. We, as Catholics must stand firm against attacks that range from courtships to marriage and family.

The Devil is doing everything he can do to destroy the meaning of marriage especially within the Catholic Church and especially within the Novus Ordo or especially Tridentine Latin Mass goers, who are in a courtship and want to be like a Holy Family like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Those, who are single have a wonderful opportunity to stand against the Devil and support those, who have been called by God and are in courtships and to marriage. It is through the prayers of those, who are single and seeking a pure courtship while praying for those, who are in a courtship that God will look upon with kindness, love, and mercy for everyone, who wants authentic love.

Living life like a Holy Family will help strengthen the Church of God and will lead everyone to holiness and prosper to more holy vocations besides marriage. Courtships build up the Holy Family of God and each of us have a duty to do so through Novenas, prayers, supplications, and reparations to various Saints, whose patronage is children, courtship, marriage, and other various patronages to the family.

Men, it is your duty to be like Saint Joseph. Protect your family like Saint Joseph did! Protect them through silence. Women, it is your duty to be like the Blessed Mother. You must understand that you are sacred in the eyes of God and that God loved you first and placed you higher than all the other creatures. You are the vine of your home and as such, your sole duty is to help your husband in bringing up children in accordance with God’s most holy laws. Children, it is your duty to be just like Christ and do what they ask of you for this is holy in the eyes of God and for maintaining to be a perfect Holy Family. It is your duty to be like Christ (even when as an adult) in obeying your parents.

Jesus is the perfect example of being like a child. He was obedient to not only his Mother, but to God, the Father in the last moments of the crucifixion before bowing his head in the last simple act of obedience. That is the perfect statement of having a courtship, a healthy marriage and a relationship with God through Holy Mass with your family. By a simple bow to your parents, you are telling them that you are willing to be obedient to them in whatever they ask of you. I have several friends, who attend the Novus Ordo Ad Orientem and the Tridentine Latin Mass who have said that they (along with their spouses, even before they were married and had children), that they would always pray the Rosary before or after Holy Mass for authentic love, for God’s vocation in their lives and for vocations! Everyone desires to have a Holy Family no matter their vocations.

The greatest way to have a beautiful Holy Family is centered on God and not man. In the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, “Do whatever he tells you!” Pray the Rosary, say Novenas, find a spiritual director to help you out in your vocation towards marriage including, most espiecally the Sacraments of Holy Communion along with the Sacrament of Reconciliation! Do whatever it takes to fulfill what God has commanded of you! Courtships are a direct line to being just like the Holy Family. It is possible if you allow God to make you like the Holy Family! It is possible for everyone!!