Here Are the Best Winter Dates You Can Go on for Free

winter date

Dating can be expensive, especially if you are in the early stages of dating and meeting several different people over a period of time. 

In my own experience, men typically are generous in paying for me when I have gone on dates, for which I am very appreciative! Regardless of who is paying for a date though, it can easily become expensive.

If you’re looking for a date idea, there are hundreds upon thousands of suggestions. So how can you sort through them and find the right (inexpensive!) date for you and someone you’re getting to know?

When coming up with fun, unique date ideas, I think there are two helpful principles to keep in mind:

  1. It is not about how much money put into a date, but the quality of the experience shared together.
  2. The purpose of a date is to get to know the other person better to see if you want to go on another date with him/her.

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With winter upon us, the season offers lots of fun date ideas that do not have to break the bank.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorites, several of which I have done myself.

1. Get on a sled

winter date

Put on some boots and snow pants and borrow a sled from your parents garage. Easy, free, and so much fun!

2. Visit an ice carving festival

ice world

In the first week of January, a town nearby has an outdoor ice carving festival. It is super fun as long as you are bundled up.

Does your town or city have anything like that? If they don’t explore other local winter events!

3. The classic coffee date 

coffee date

Okay, it technically not free, it is practically almost free. It is cold outside and who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee (or hot chocolate!)?

A simple coffee date is a relatively cheap, easy date idea. Does your town have any quirky, cool coffee shops? Maybe add a cup of coffee to visiting a used bookstore?

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For me, it is a combination of some of the things I most love.

4. Visit a museum

date in museum

I live in the metro Detroit suburbs. In the city, some of our museums do not have a fee to get in. My personal favorite is our art museum.

Check out the local museums and see what the fees are like. Maybe there is not a fee? Presto! You have a fun and free date idea to experience a bit of culture together.

5. Take advantage of winter weather and sports

ice skate

Go for a winter nature walk, which is extra fun if there is fresh snow outside. Do you know of anyone who has the ability for a frozen pond? Grab some ice skates and go ice skating.

Need something a bit more crafty? Grab some pine cones and cover them in peanut butter and birdseed. String your pine cone treats on the tree in your neighborhood or at your house to give the local birds a tasty winter snack.

6. Check out your local library

library date

Libraries often have message boards to advertise different events going on in the community. Stop by and check out if there are any free events going on.

Maybe you can find a free concert or listen to an author give a talk at your local bookstore. Get creative with you find material for free date ideas. Your local library is a great place to start!

7. Do an act of service together


Take a totally different approach to date ideas and do some service together. Maybe you can both signup to serve lunch at a local soup kitchen. Or perhaps you go into your city and walk around handing out bottles of water with granola bars to homeless people you meet.

Service is a great way to get to know someone in a deeper way but still have something to do together.

8. Discover old churches 

old church

The city of Detroit has lots of beautiful, old churches and I love going to see them or attend Mass there sometimes. Does your city have old churches that maybe do not get a lot of visitors? This would make a free, fun date idea.

Come up with a list of several old churches to visit. Call ahead to make sure you can get in and maybe even at some of the locations you will get a tour from the pastor or parish administrator. 

Do some investigating, you might be pleasantly surprised at the fun, free date ideas you could discover with another person. Your city could be brimming with things to check out and you are not even aware of them.

What are other fun winter date ideas would you add to the list?