Marvel at the Wonders of the Human Mind

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

One of my favorite exhibits in the world can be found in the American Museum of Natural History. The museum is rich with delights to wonder your mind so it really is a daunting statement to say one exhibit above all else stands out. The exhibit I speak of is the ‘Scales of the Universe’ in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. This exhibit is a 400-foot-long walk way along a glass curtain wall which takes you on a journey of the largest objects in the cosmos to the smallest sub atomic particles. The 87-foot Hayden sphere in the center of the exhibit acts as the central reference point for measurement. My first journey, almost fifteen years ago, through this 400-foot-path left me dazed and wondering about the awesome magnitude of space and the mysterious unseen sub atomic world.

However, it was one particular model in this exhibit which continues to dazzle and amaze me every day. This model was that of the human brain. The exhibit description simply said something along the lines “this is what has imagined, researched, and discovered all that you see today.” You can just imagine my awe. I’ve spent an hour walking down a path which began 15 Billion Light Years away, to the Milky Galaxy, our own planet earth then I come across a small object weighing an average of three pounds, which is the “tool” we use to discover all these amazing facts.

Scientists have always marveled and wondered at the sheer mystery of our minds. Our ability to think, rationalize, imagine and create. Only recently have scientific advances actually proven the human mind is capable of creating just about anything. What we think about, where we focus our thoughts, and how we exercise our minds will literally create our reality. This is a scientific proven fact. The execution of this fact is of course the challenge.

Today’s Gift for Your Soul – Spend some quite time today marveling at the miracle of the human mind and knowing with an absolute fact you have the ability to create any reality you want. Now carve out one hour of quiet time and write a 400 – 600 word “Vision Statement” of your life. Remember your mind can create any reality you want. Think about what you want and write your statement. Your next step, read this statement every morning when your first wake up. Read it out load. There is something magical which happens when you read this out load. Commit to reading your statement everyday for at least 21 days. You may be wondering why 21? I’ll answer that question in the next blog. Until then, sending you many blessings and love.