4 Easy Catholic Couples Costumes to Try This Halloween


Some of my favorite childhood memories include the fun and magic around the celebration of Halloween. It was exciting staying up late going trick-or-treating. I remember the thought and attention my siblings and I put into choosing our Halloween costumes. It was just a magical time of being a child.

Over the years, the three of us kids had some pretty great costumes. I still remember how grown-up I felt when I was a bride in kindergarten. When I was in third grade, I dressed up as a jaguar, complete with black nose and a long tail! My sister’s best costume was when she was a panda bear. The year my brother was a firefighter wasn’t too bad either.

Who doesn’t love dressing up in a fun costume, enjoying a great night eating candy, and being with friends and family? Sign me up for that party!

With Halloween right around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about your costume this year. Why not spice things up and think of creative Catholic couples costume ideas? With All Saints Day right around the corner, it is a great time to celebrate both Halloween and the beauty of the Communion of Saints.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

The classic Joseph and Mary costume

mary and joseph

I know, I know it is a bit cliché. But why not start out with the best of the best? The Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph are perhaps one of the most famous couples in the faith.

You could make this costume simple or add some fun creativity. Try re-creating a particular scene from the life of the Holy Family. A staff and cloak would work for Joseph, and a blue or light colored veil and simple dress for Mary. You can even add in a baby doll to be the infant Jesus. This costume could be a lot of fun! 

Famous saintly couples

There are many famous saint pairs throughout the history of the Church. While not all of them are necessarily couples, I think they still make good choices.

Why not the famous friend from Assisi, Francis and Clare? Or the brother and sister duo of Benedict and Scholastica? Or what about the spiritual director and directee of Francis de Sales and Francis de Chantal?

You could also include parent and child pairs like Augustine and Monica. Or sibling pairs like Mary (or Martha!) and their brother Lazarus. I feel this one especially could be fun.

Old Testament couples

abraham and sarah

Officially, Old Testament couples aren’t canonized saints. However, there are definitely some unique love stories in the Old Testament that could make for some interesting Halloween costumes.

What about Isacc and Rebekah, the couple who met and fell in love at a well?

There is always Adam and Eve. Jut be sure to wear more than a giant fig leaf.

Other ideas include Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Rachel (or Leah – talk about a messy story!).

Famous modern married saints

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of canonized married saint pairs. That’s great incentive for you to strive for holiness with your significant other! 

The most famous recently canonized married couple to become saints are the parents of Saint Therese. Pope Francis canonized Saints Louis and Zelie Martin in 2015. Here is another more detailed list to give you some ideas for married saints, including some lesser known pairs.

Are you dressing up for Halloween or All Saints Day this year?

Are there any saint pairs missing that you think would make a good fit?

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