Are You The Muffin Man?

Are You The Muffin Man?

“He took me out to lunch. And then, took me out again. And again. Finally, one day he asked me, ‘Sooo…what do you think? Where are we going with this?’ It was just awkward. It would have been nicer if he were more decisive and asked me out on a date.”
A typical share in my weekly singles focus group.

It’s nothing new, just the scone-muffin dilemma. In layman’s terms that’s the inability to decide decisively whether or not you want a scone or muffin at the café and so you have to ask the barista, “What do you think?”

As a former barista I can testify to it. A lot of us just aren’t sure of what we want so we live much of life asking, “What would you recommend?” We do it at the café in the morning and at the bar in the evening.

Now, this is different from the people who have an idea of what they want but need more information. They’ll ask something like, “So which is sweeter, the scone or muffin? I like sweet.” And you get the idea that this guy really knows what he wants but just needs a little more information.

No, I’m talking about those times when we really have no clue of what we’re looking for and just want someone else to decide for us. I’ve been there too and the funny thing is I think we’re not even looking for an authoritative opinion. I was a gluten intolerant barista and tried to tell my customers that but for some reason they still insisted on knowing whether I would recommend the Turkey Basil Panini or the Italian Meat Fest. Eeny, meeny, miny….

At the café it’s not such a big deal to admit you have no idea what you like. It becomes a little trickier when you apply it to the more important affairs of romance or even a job.

“So what do you think? You…uh…think we should go on a date together?” Awkward.

Or try saying this in an interview, “So I don’t know if I’m the right person for this job, what would you recommend, Mr. Hiring Manager?” Face plant.

So what’s to be done about the scone-muffin dilemma? This is just a hunch but perhaps it would help to start the day deciding between the scone or muffin without the help of a barista who’s probably too vegan to eat flour anyway. If you can ask out a scone all by yourself you’re just one step closer to asking out that lunch friend.

That’s not really a big thing; but True life is lived when tiny changes occur, someone smart once said.

Sooooo…“I like you, you’re sweet. Wanna go out?”