8 Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart

After you’ve decided to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you, all you need to do is ask four simple words: “Will you marry me?” But how you ask that simple question can involve a lot of planning, creativity, and intentionality.

The story of your proposal will be retold to family, friends, and strangers—so here are eight incredible proposals to spark your creativity when it comes your turn to ask the big question. And thanks, YouTube!

1. Travis’s movie trailer proposal

When he was ready to propose to his girlfriend, Kila, Travis had big plans. He told his friends that the proposal would be amazing, and he didn’t disappoint. When Kila went to the movies with her friends on a Friday afternoon, she was shocked when her boyfriend was in the second preview before the movie.

You can watch the movie preview proposal and Kila’s surprised reactions in this video. Congratulations to Travis and Kila!

2. This seaside picnic location was a perfect place to pop the question

Jarod surprised Rebekah with a ring during their seaside picnic. He told her to watch a short film he had made for her, but she quickly realized that the film was Jarod’s proposal. You’ll love watching footage of Jarod’s incredible film, which highlights their relationship.

3. This proposal was definitely worth the four-year wait

Alexis had been waiting four years for Tony to ask her to marry him. “I wanted us both to be a good place in our lives, but now is the best time to propose,” Tony said. As a Valentine’s Day gift, Tony planned a day for Alexis. Her friends joined her for the day and they went to the nail salon, her favorite lunch spot, and other places that were special to her.

Tony got to each location right before Alexis arrived a took a picture holding signs saying “Will you marry me?” Check out their great day and this thoughtful proposal!

4. You’ll love this long distance relationship’s amazing roadside flower proposal

Jason had been dating his girlfriend for over four years. They were a long distance couple, commuting between Philadelphia to New York to see each other. So when Jason decided to pop the question, he drove from Philadelphia and brought along his girlfriend’s favorite flowers.

He planted them alongside the road on his trip to New York and wrote a song to go along with a video for her to watch. He timed his video perfectly and showed up at her door to drop to one knee and ask her to marry him. You’ll love Jason’s heartfelt song lyrics and his roadside gardening.

5. She couldn’t help falling for his mountain proposal

Seth saved Nicole from falling down a cliff, and after that incident, they got to know each other even better. A year later, Seth brought Nicole back to mountains. He brought along some friends and loaded the backpacks with everything he’d need for a romantic proposal.

After successfully rappelling down a canyon together, Seth drops to one knee and surprises Nicole. She says yes!

6. The weather was perfect for this proposal

Jacey, a morning news anchor, thought she was going to do an interview about pets and the holidays, but her boyfriend, Trent, surprised her by showing up on the news broadcast.

He made a news video describing their ten years of friendship and it all ended with an incredible marriage proposal. “Are you serious,” she asks him. “Well, if you want to talk about pets and the holidays right now, we can!” he quipped.

7. She planned her own proposal

Haley thought she was planning a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Tyson. But what she didn’t know was that the “surprise birthday party” was actually a party for their engagement.

Watch the video to see Tyson learn to play a song on guitar for Haley, surprise Haley at his “birthday party”, and drop to one knee to ask her to spend the rest of her life by his side.

8. These high school sweethearts

Gavin and Alyssa dated for five and half years. “We met each other young but it’s but such an amazing experience,” Gavin said. “We’ve never lost that sparkle,” Alyssa says through tears. Gavin planned the proposal for a few months. They drove up to a canyon where Gavin had laid out the entire proposal, but the canyon was closed when they got there.

Gavin rolled with the day though, and stalled until the canyon opened back up. He told her he’d planned a date for them at the end of the trail, but surprised her with a ring and a marriage proposal instead.