5 Ways to Determine If Dating Sites Are Trustworthy

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Online dating sites have been around for decades, but the past few years have witnessed a surge in couples turning online to find someone to love. In 2017, online dating became a $3,000,000,000 dollar industry. That’s right, three billion. With that growth rate, there’s no shortage of online dating sites out there vying for your profile information.

Dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony continue to grow in popularity. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Happn have seen more profiles in the past years, too. Each of these dating sites and apps offer something different. Some emphasize long distance relationships, while others help you find people who live in your local city. Certain apps present countless profiles for you to sort through, while others send you just one match a day.

While each dating site offers something a little bit different, not all dating sites are created equal.

In fact, some dating sites can leave you more vulnerable for heartache, disappointment, and scams if you’re not careful. Just how do you determine whether a dating site is trustworthy? Here are five things to look for if you’re trying to spot a bad dating site.

1. Research how long the online dating site has been running

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It’s been decades since the beginning of the idea of online dating. Since then, online dating sites have perfected their algorithms and made online dating a completely different experience than it was in the early 1990s.

But if a dating site you’re thinking about trying is fairly new, this could raise some red flags. Before you create a profile on online dating sites, do some background investigating on the dating site itself.

Some online dating sites have been running since the very beginning of online dating history. These sites are rich with experience, and can create great experiences for those looking to meet someone online.

Another bonus to using a more established dating site or app is that these sites are more likely to have a broader audience. Newer dating apps can be fun if you’re wanting to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. But if they’re just getting started, chances are not many people have created a profile yet. This could limit the amount of matches you see on the site.

2. Read the reviews of each dating site you look into

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Imagine someone encouraged you to try a new restaurant in town. If you’re like me, you probably do a quick internet search to check the place out before committing to dinner there. You may look at pictures, read people’s reviews, and see if the restaurant your friend is raving about is a good fit for your pallet.

When it comes to trying out new online dating sites, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of a review reading, too. The internet is a great place to turn for online dating opportunities, but it’s also rich with information about people’s experience on those dating sites. Whether you read through articles about a range of dating sites or check out people’s experience with one dating site in particular, the research is well worth your time.

3. Talk to your friends about their experience with dating sites

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With more than 40 million Americans using online dating sites, chances are you know someone who’s created an online dating profile or two.

Not only can you learn from their wisdom and experience, you can also avoid the mistakes they made on online dating sites.

Since more people are logging online to find love, many of the old stigmas against online dating aren’t there anymore. Instead of being ashamed that you’re thinking about trying out an online dating site, talk to your friends so that you can avoid using the apps or sites that would be a waste of your time.

4. Watch for dating sites that don’t have clear guidelines

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Unfortunately, not everyone who creates an online dating profile is looking for love. Some people can behave poorly, leaving you feeling used. Unfortunately, others can lie on their online dating profile and leave you with misinformation.

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Before creating a profile on any online dating site, check out the guidelines for the site. Understand what kind of behavior is not tolerated on the site, and how the site works to prevent bad dating behavior.

If there’s not a clear code of conduct on the site that you’re interested in, it might be time to move onto the next option.

5. Be wary of dating sites that don’t talk about results

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If you’re logging onto an online dating site, chances are you’re looking for love. But you don’t just want a one night stand, or a confusing relationship. Instead, you probably are looking to meet someone you can love forever.

Keep your end goals in mind when checking out an online dating site. If the site doesn’t mention any stories of successful couples, that could be a red flag.

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