11 More Things To Ask God for In the Single Years

What can we ask God for during the single years? I believe that we can ask for anything, and like a good Father, He will often give us many gifts.

In my last article, I stated that the number one thing to ask God for is to really love Jesus Christ, to fall in love with Him. What are my other top requests during the single years?

Here are 11 more things to ask God for:

The gift of a sense of humor

The gift of a sense of humor

Now maybe you are quite funny or maybe you have a good appreciation for others’ sense of humor.

Maybe you find it funny that you are still single or single again. Maybe you don’t.

If you are like me, you don’t.

But perhaps we need to ask God to really increase our sense of humor or to give us one in the first place.

The last gentleman that I went out with, I noticed on the first date, he had absolutely no sense of humor! He did not laugh at all, once. He did not make me laugh.

I tried to make him laugh, and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m glad God didn’t give His Fatherly permission on that relationship.

A sense of humor is so necessary for life. I’ve heard it is especially necessary in the married realm when you are changing diapers and so forth. It can just make life so much easier.

But I would argue that it is necessary when you are single.

It is necessary when you are questioning things and not really sure why you are still single at 40. It is necessary when you are invited to your 22-year-old nephew’s wedding and you are still single. It’s just necessary in life, period.

Life is very funny, if only you have the eyes to see it.

The grace of perseverance

The grace of perseverance

This is actually necessary in both single and married life.

It’s just necessary.

In your twenties and thirties, you can cruise around, thinking life is great. But guaranteed, life will throw you some suffering, and you need to be able to move through it by the grace of God.

Mary, Mother of God is a great saint to pray to for the grace of perseverance.

The gift of joy

The gift of joy

Because no one is going to want to go on a date with you if you are not a joyful Christian to be around, if you are not at least working on this trait.

And by God’s grace, He can give you this.

He gave it to St. Paul and it is one of the first named fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Joy doesn’t depend on your circumstances, St. Paul showed us this with his remarkable joy while in prison.

The gift of cooking

The gift of cooking

Because you are going to be making an awful lot of meals for one and there are only so many restaurants with takeout food.

Pray for this gift, pray to love cooking, pray to learn to cook, pray that God makes you a great cook.

Take classes. I’m fortunate in Chicago to live near a cooking school. I have often taken classes-in the cooking of Israel, French cooking, healthy cooking, etc.

It’s a great way to meet people and a great way to prepare meals you can share with others. You can also learn by watching videos online or on TV.

A good Bible Study Group

A good Bible Study Group

This is wonderful when you can find one. I’ve found one at the Cathedral in Chicago but unfortunately it is not on a night I can attend.

I have loved going to Bible studies over the years however. There is so much to learn.

You will also see that the Bible is a living book. Someone will speak phrases from the Bible that will take on a unique meaning for a situation that you are going through in your life.

God can speak to us through His Word and other people! The Holy Spirit will provide unique insights to you on the meaning of certain phrases. The Bible is a library! You need the Word in your life as a single!

Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

We need these. We need to move beyond ourselves.

Whether it is helping serve the homeless at a soup kitchen or teaching children the catechism, it is great to serve. We should have a servant’s heart.

Godly friends

Because you need them.

God has always given me good friends. I’ve always noticed in my life, I’ve had many Anns, Anas, Marys, Magdalenas, some Mary Annes, and Marthas as well as other friends with saints’s names.

You need good friends when you are single.

Pray for them. Ask Our Lady to send you some friends.

You need girlfriends (I say this as a woman) who are going to be with you and help you in your decision to live chastity, not friends who would try to convince you not to live chastity.

You need friends who will encourage you to put God first, and pray.

You need friends to laugh with and talk about your work life with.

Men, you need friends too, male friends you can have deeper conversations with as well.

A Trip to Israel

Because this is just amazing!

To see the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth, to see Jerusalem, there is nothing quite like it. It is the trip of a lifetime and it will make you see Our Lord and the Bible in a whole new light.

Dance classes

When you are single, now is the time to learn! Learn to swing! Learn to ballroom dance! Even Pope Francis loved to dance when he was young.

Rock climbing classes

Yes, because climbing the mountain of holiness and enduring the single years is a lot like climbing a mountain.

You get tired, you make progress, you feel like turning around. Check out climbing classes at your local gym. You might just find a new sport you love!

A saint who understands your situation-to pray for you

We all need a little help from our friends.

Will it be Padre Pio because he was of more of a melancholy temperament and he had a great devotion to St. Michael and Our Lady?

The Blessed Mother because she is just so amazing and full of wisdom. She has and had a ton of knowledge about everything-the natural world. She is just so sweet and loves you more than your own mother?

Pier Giorgio Frassati? Joan of Arc because you are in a battle? JPII the mountain-climbing, skiing pope?

Philomena? Jude, who had a ton of faith and mercy on those who don’t?

Terese of Lisieux, because you need to work on ‘the little way’ and you could use some more flowers in your life?

Paul? Because he went through depression but was joyful and apparently had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and many gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Fr. Walter Cisek, the Jesuit saint, because he endured a cold climate for many years and triumphed?

Augustine, because he struggled with sensuality and pride and apparently, money problems?

Hildegard because she ate a lot of natural foods and you need to eat healthier?

St. Raphael because you need healing?

John the 23rd because he had a great sense of humor and a talent for interior design and you could use some more interior decorating ideas in your life?

Ask and you shall be given. If you ask God for a saint or saints to pray for you, this will be given to you.