4 Summer Activities Perfect for a First Date

Tired of dinner and a movie? That classic date night combo has it’s place, but it can get a little boring after a while.

What better way to liven up your date night activities than to take a cue from the seasons? Summer in particular can lend itself nicely to the season-specific outing. And I’m not talking about the potentially awkward outing at a beach or water park, in swimwear with someone you barely know.

If you like the idea of getting to know someone new out in the fresh air with as little awkwardness or social pressure as possible, these four summertime date ideas are for you!

1. Summertime movie night

Summertime movie night

Rather than a night indoors watching a new summer blockbuster on the big screen, check around to find an outdoor screening of a classic.

You may find an event like this put on by a local parish! These events are often aimed a families. That means you’ll have the bonus of being assured that your movie won’t contain any unexpected awkward sex scenes! You might be able to get a taste for your date’s appreciation (or lack of appreciation) for small children, too!

If you don’t find any nearby parishes putting on an event like this, check for community outdoor movie nights in local papers or town websites.

As an added bonus, these types of events are often free or at least considerably cheaper than two movie tickets. There’s no need to break the bank.

2. Picnic in the park

Picnic in the park

Instead of a traditional sit-down dinner, consider, order to-go from a favorite restaurant. Then bring it picnic style to a local park. Don’t forget to bring the classic checkered picnic blanket!

There are quite a few benefits to changing your date night up and heading to the park. Aside from getting a healthy dose of fresh air, it’s also a bit more of a relaxed date setting. If you or your date are nervous, a departure from the formal date atmosphere of a sit-down restaurant might be the perfect ticket.

There’s also a good chance that the conversation will be easier to maintain in a picnic setting. You’ll get away from the distractions of that TV in the bar and the other diners’ chatter. You may have some noise from kids on the playground, but you’ll probably have a lot less sound to compete with than you would inside a restaurant.

3. Hit the trails with your date

Hit the trails with date

Going for a summertime hike with your date can be a great way to have time and quiet for good conversation. Without the distractions of something like a movie, the atmosphere should be ripe for getting to know one another.

You’ll also be able to get a feel for your date’s personality and preferences on a hike. Do they love exercise? Avoid it at all costs? Are they super competitive? Do they love nature?

The one caveat to this date idea, though, is that you should always pick a well-populated and public trail, especially for a first date. No need to creep your date out by asking them to go somewhere secluded with you before they even know you!

4. The fair has something for everyone

fair has something for everyone

I might be biased because I spent several happy summers of my childhood exhibiting dairy cows at my county fair. But I think that county, state, or community fairs offer a little something for every taste.

You could take a date on some carnival rides. This will give you a chance to see which of you can scream the loudest or who has the strongest stomach.

There are animal exhibits galore, which can interest both animal lovers and non-lovers alike. Walk through the beef cattle barn and guess where your favorite cuts of meat come from. Go check out the poultry barn and marvel at the size of that tom turkey. Catch a 4-H show and smile at the little kids trying to control their animals in the ring (things can get especially dicey in the pig arena!).

Take a look through the commercial exhibits. Sometimes it’s boring in there, but other times you might stumble on an awesome product that you or your date can’t live without.

And of course there’s the fair food. Summer almost wouldn’t be summer without contemplating whether a half-pound burger with two donughts in place of buns is appetizing or disgusting. Eating a meal or a snack with a date at the fair is sure to give you a feel for their taste in food, their level of adventurousness, and just how frugal or spend-thrifty they might be (those fair food prices can be worse than movie concessions!)

The best part of taking a date to a fair, though, is that you’re creating something memorable and unique that can foster a deeper connection while keeping things comfortable.