5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fall Date Ideas

fall date

Fall is my favorite time of year. Not only is it cozy and full of everything wonderful and warm, but this time of year is also a reminder that change can be beautiful and the Lord can make something incredible out of endings. Every leaf crunch for me is the sound of possibility! Today, that is taking the form of some fun fall date ideas.

Dating in the autumn is, I truly believe, better than anything. Summer is too sweaty. Winter is so dark or chilly it’s too easy to hibernate! But fall is perfect.

Are you a Catholic single looking for love this fall? Wanting to plan a great fall date? Here are some fun ideas.

1. Get creative with your pumpkin carving


If you’re a fan of DIY dates, this idea is for you. For the active, adventurous couple, find a local pumpkin patch, hop on the hay ride, and wade through the muck to find the perfect ones. For the less hay-ride inclined, grab two pumpkins from a supermarket!

Once you’ve acquired the pumpkins, it’s time to break out the paint. And it’s time for another choose-your-own-adventure. You can paint adorable or spooky decorations on the pumpkin and admire one another’s creativity.

Or, you can carve a picture of your date onto the pumpkin and reveal your art work after you’re both done carving. Even if you’re a professional artist, hilarity is pretty much guaranteed here.

2. Ditch the city for a night under the stars


Another great perk of fall dating is that a lot of it can be done as couples or as group dates. Stargazing is an especially good one for this.
Fill up a thermos with hot chocolate, grab pillows and blankets, and pick a spot without a lot of light pollution. This date is basically the adult equivalent of building a blanket fort.

3. Get in touch with your inner kid and built a blanket fort

blanket fort

If it’s been a while since you pulled every blanket you have into one room and draped them over chairs and couches and tables to make a fort, then you’re missing out.

There’s something magical about watching a movie under the cover of a pillow-y roof. You can also use this as a conversation and snack pit and talk favorite childhood traditions for your date.

4. Learn about your date’s personality with a game night

game night

One of the greatest ways to learn compatibility is through games. Gather up a group of people and make it a big date, or just a small game playing party you invite a date to.

See how the dynamics work when other people are in the mix, and get insights into how you function as a team together.

5. Brush up on your cooking skills together

cooking date

As someone who is a terrible cook, autumn is a lifesaver for everyone eating the dinners I make. Crockpots and hearty meals are two things that are easy for even the most inexperienced chefs.

Making a meal will help you learn each other’s nuances, strengths, and weaknesses. At the end, you’re rewarded with a delicious dinner to be proud of!

Got ideas?

fall date

When it comes to dates, be creative. Don’t forget to do things you enjoy. Teach your partner what you like by inviting them into activities you already enjoy! Leave a comment with your favorite date idea to inspire other readers, too!