5 Saints for Single Catholics

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On this earth, I haven’t been blessed with many single friends. Right after college, the phrase “always a bridesmaid” became my world. I was in four weddings in four years but I attended many, many more as a guest where I knew both the bride and groom. Each one I went to alone made me feel just a little more lonely. It felt like no one understood.

Thank goodness I was wrong about that.

In Heaven, the company of saints stood ready and willing to understand exactly where I was and pray for me.

Once I started leaning on the saints, my life changed. Now my entire life as a single adult relies heavily and without abandon on the saints as my hoard of confidants.

I like to imagine that somewhere in Heaven, they are also donning spa masks and spooning heavenly, calorie-free ice cream straight from the container alongside me as I daydream, gushed, cried and asked them for help and guidance.

My go-to 5

The communion of saints is vast and awe-inspiring. Whatever joyful triumph or tearful trial you’re up against, you can find a saint who has been there too.

Here are the five saints for Catholic singles who I rely on daily, though, and have specifically called on in my quest for marriage and romantic love.

Saint Raphael

saint raphael

I love the archangels. There is something so incredibly comforting all the way to the core knowing these powerhouse angels in full armor stand ready to defend us, while we just go about our lives.

St. Raphael is the patron of single people, and also happy meetings. Isn’t that a beautiful thing to give over to the Lord? Not just that we want to be called into a lifelong joyful marriage but that the moment we meet that person may be a happy one!

St. Raphael, pray for us.

Saint Therese

saint therese

There’s no bond like the one between a person and their confirmation saint! St. Therese of the Little Way (also the Child Jesus, the Little Flower, the Rose, and Lisieux) was introduced to me when I was in eighth grade. Her sainthood is a celebration of her simple approach to life and faith.

St. Therese trusted with her entire mind, body, and soul that the Lord who created and loved her would provide what she needed. She did it effortlessly. It was simple for her because as a child, she could fathom no reality except the one where God loved her. That’s the faith I want in all things, but especially the trust I need in pursuit of my vocation.

St. Therese, pray for us.

Saint Jude

saint jude

This may seem a little sarcastic, or tongue-in-cheek, but St. Jude is the patron of lost causes or things that seem hopeless. While I have always felt God has called me to marriage, there have been a lot of moments where it seemed that maybe I was off. Or maybe the weight of the world and the human condition got in the way of the plan, making it impossible for me to find that kind of love.

In those moments, I have called on St. Jude for two reasons. The first, is because I feel hopeless and I am careful to let that hopelessness be taken advantage of by evil. So I give it over to St. Jude. The second is that calling on St. Jude reminds me that nothing is hopeless for the Lord, and that there are many other callings and trials for people in the world. It puts in perspective for me that my call to marriage or moment of loneliness are just part of a bigger plan for the world. I pray to be connected to the rest of that world in humility and awareness.

St. Jude, pray for us.

Saint Andrew

saint andrew

I really don’t know how St. Andrew ended up on my list, but it just goes to show that sometimes, saints find you. There is a novena to St. Andrew that falls on the first day of December all the way to Christmas Eve. It’s a beautiful, solemn prayer reflecting on the conditions of the nativity and offering intentions in recognition of the miracle.

Since I began praying that novena, my annual intention has been for a healthy, holy romantic relationship. The discipline of daily prayer (you have to pray it 15 times a day!) has helped me grow my spirituality and opened my eyes to other abundant blessings.

St. Andrew, pray for us.

Saint Joseph

saint joseph

Who better to top off the list than the foster father of Christ and patron of the family, St. Joseph? I love St. Joseph. He is the picture of humility and hard work. He is endlessly faithful and his devotion to his wife and child is echoed in his dedication to God’s church—us. People ask St. Joseph to intercede for them for their families, their husbands, their jobs, their homes. We trust St. Joseph to hold us as close to his heart as he holds his beloved Mary and Jesus.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Runner Ups

saint michael

There are lots of saints to choose from so do your research to find others that you want to call on for help, and create your own litany to pray daily.

I also call on Saint Michael to help defend me against temptation. I ask Saint Anthony to help me find a husband. Saint Rita is my patroness of 2019. Saints Blaise and Rose Philippine Duchesne as my almae matres.

The saints are listening to your cries, and they want to intercede for you at the foot of God. They want to cry out on your behalf and say, “I have listened to the depths of her heart” and “I know his intentions are pure.” They want to ask the Lord for what you need!

    Maria del Rosario Moncada Jr.
    16 Mar 2019

    Thank you and I will ask for their intercession to send me the right man into my life that will have all that I and he needs to complement each other fully in this world, so one day both of us can go to heaven!

      Erin Miller
      15 Apr 2019

      I’ll be praying for you too, Maria, as I do for all our readers and members <3 – Erin

    Carole Keleher
    21 Mar 2019

    He is Faithful. He is pure Love, He is merciful, He is forgiving, He is always giving, His heartbeat is waiting,

      Erin Miller
      15 Apr 2019

      Well said, Carole!

    Damian Mwaniki
    6 Aug 2019

    I am encouraged by the article, gives me hope that there is purpose in my present status, especially through the intercession of St Jude, when I feel hopeless, I pray for a partner whom together we can build and support each other especially through Catholic faith

      Erin Miller
      12 Aug 2019

      There is so much purpose! One of my FAVORITE verses is Sirach 39:21: “No cause then to say: ‘What is the purpose of this?’ Everything is chosen to satisfy a need.” Praise God who has a plan and it is GOOD! 🙂 – Erin

    11 Aug 2019

    Hello there,
    I’m going through a sad time. I thought I had find love after the failure of my long marriage and the suffering. Unfortunately the man I saw for few months told me that he didn’t have any feelings for me. So now I lost again any hope of finding a a honest and caring man and be happy together
    and I’m devastated. Please say a prayer form me
    Thank you

      Erin Miller
      12 Aug 2019

      Many prayers for you, Stella! Corinthians 10:13 basically says that the Lord won’t only give us trials but will also give us all that we need to move past the trial into glory. That’s my prayer for you this week! – Erin

    11 Aug 2019

    I will ask the saints for their intercession to meet the right man to marry. Thank you.

      Erin Miller
      12 Aug 2019

      Praying for you! And I’m sure all these saints are too 😉 – Erin

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