13 Fun Fall Date Ideas

Have you started to experience all the joys of autumn? It’s time to bring out your sweaters and soak in the beauty of fall. I’ve compiled a list of great date ideas that will help you make the most of this wonderful season.

Get Out of Town and Go Apple-Picking

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Get Out of Town and Go Apple-Picking

Pick some fresh apples and drink some apple cider. Nothing says fall more than picking your own apples. You can spend time together at a farm enjoying the tastes of the season. If you have extra time after you could even make an apple pie together.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Ride a Hot Air Balloon

This is more of a splurge, but an experience you won’t forget. Nothing says romance more than riding in a hot air balloon together. Just make sure the person you are on the date with, isn’t too afraid of heights. One piece of advice is to check out the route the balloon goes over beforehand, you’d hate to be stuck looking at housing developments half the time.

Go Hiking

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Go Hiking

Enjoy all the leaves changing color. You can hike together to a viewpoint and take in all the changing colors. Bring a lunch and picnic at the top of the hike and you can even bring along a fall trail mix for along the way.

Enjoy a Scary Movie or Book

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Enjoy a Scary Movie or Book

If you both enjoy a bit of a fright then put on a thriller or read a terrifying book together. Sometimes a good scare can bring you closer together. Just make sure that it’s not too scary for your date.

If you need a good place to start, most of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories such as The Color Out Of Space or The Call of Cthulu are free to read online, as are Edgar Allen Poe’s classics The Cask of Amontillado or The Pit and the Pendulum.

Go To the Pumpkin Patch

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Go To the Pumpkin Patch

Pick out pumpkins together and take photos with the photo displays. For even more fun find a pumpkin patch that has extra events, watch pumpkin chucking, or enjoy a hay ride around the field.

Walk around a Farmers Market

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Walk around a Farmers Market

Enjoy the live music, buy some seasonal produce, try some local food and enjoy the atmosphere of the market. You can even make some seasonal dishes with fresh produce like this Quinoa Black Bean Pumpkin Soup Recipe.

See a Sunflower Field

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || See a Sunflower Field

Don’t miss these beautiful flowers when they are in bloom. Although sunflowers bloom more during the summer you may still be able to catch some fall blooms, and if not there are plenty of other flowers that bloom during fall that would be fun to see together.

Go to a Thrift Shop

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Go to a Thrift Shop

Go to a thrift shop and pick out the outfit the other person will wear on the date. Or start putting together both of your Halloween/All Saints Day Costumes.

Explore a Corn Maze

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Explore a Corn Maze

Get lost in the maze and have fun finding your way out together. This is a great activity to navigate together. How will you decide which way to go? Flip a coin or just take turns deciding which way and see what works out.

Carve Pumpkins

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Carve Pumpkins

You can each design your own and carve them, or paint your pumpkin if you don’t like getting messy. This is a fun activity to do together, seriously there’s nothing quite like scoping out this inside of a pumpkin. As an added treat you can save the pumpkin seeds and roast them. Click here for a roasted pumpkin seed recipe.

Attend a Halloween Party or to an All Saints Day Party

This depends on what party you get invited to but either way, you can wear coordinated costumes and have fun together. Some local churches even host All Saints Day Parties with bonfires and food provided.

Organize a Bonfire

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas ||Organize a Bonfire

As the weather gets chillier it’d be fun to get together with friends, make s’mores and enjoy the crisp air with the warm fire. Bring a blanket, wear warm clothes and enjoy spending time with both of your friends.

Go to a Fall Festival

13 Fun Fall Date Ideas || Go to a Fall Festival

Many Pumpkin Patches and Apple Farms have specific weekends with extra events that can include pie-eating contests, costume contests, parades and the list goes on.

Remember going on a date is a special occasion, planning with the season in mind will help give you a variety of things to do. Have a favorite Fall Date not mentioned here then comment it below, so other people can enjoy it on a date too!