12 Date Ideas for Introverts That Will Make You Want a Second Date

Planning a date can be just as hard as finding someone to date. You’ll want to choose an activity where both people are comfortable and can get to know each other well. If you or your date are introverts then you’ll want to avoid places that have tons of people, super-loud music, or extensive socializing.

Once you find a potential match with our Catholic match mobile app, you’ll want to start planning your date. We’re going to look at date activities that will appeal to introverts and that you can enjoy together as a couple. The idea is to get to know each other while growing as people. Here are 15 ideas to get started planning your next date.


Intellectual Dates

Date Ideas for Introverts That Will Make You Want a Second Date || Intellectual Dates

These types of dates are great for discovering how the other person views the world. You might learn that your date is passionate about a social justice cause, their favorite author, or their philosophy of beauty. These dates are great for sparking good conversations that an introvert will really appreciate.


This is a quiet place full of undiscovered worlds behind every book cover. It’s fun to browse together, especially if you are book lovers.

  • Pick books that look interesting and see what the other person thinks about them.
  • Learn about each other’s interests by visiting the parts of the store that cover those topics.
  • Pick out a book to read together. Finding a great book that you’d both enjoy is like a treasure hunt.

Read a Book

Whenever you find a book that you can both enjoy, read it together.

  • Take turns reading the book to each other.
  • Discuss the book as you both read it.
  • Plan a date around the theme of the book. If it takes place in the 1920’s dress up for a dinner out in vintage-inspired clothes.


This is a great spot to go to if you are both interested in learning about the world.

  • Museums often have fun interactive exhibits. You might end up solving a mystery or playing a game on a giant chess board.
  • Plan to see the newest exhibits. Keep track of when new exhibits come to your area and get tickets.
  • Find out if there are any special events at the museums; some even have after-hours special events.


It may not sound like the most romantic date at first, but if you share intellectual pursuits than this will be a something you both enjoy.

  • Get tickets together to hear a speaker and discuss the lecture afterward.
  • Look for local clubs or meetup groups that bring in interesting guest speakers.
  • See your favorite speakers when they are in town.


Food Dates

Date Ideas for Introverts That Will Make You Want a Second Date || Food Dates

Whether you are a foodie or make TV dinners, everyone needs to eat. As you date you’ll want to try new things together and having dates that involve food is no exception. The introvert in the relationship will appreciate having food related-options that aren’t the typical dinner and a movie.

Cook Together

Have some fun in the kitchen.

  • Make your favorite recipe together.
  • If you are feeling adventurous try making a dish from another culture.
  • Make it into a friendly competition to see who can make the best dish with the same basic ingredients.


Put out the picnic blanket, take in the beauty of nature, and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Pick foods that are simple and easy to eat and not too messy.
  • Pack some ice-packs and keep your food cool.
  • If you are in a park, take a stroll together after your meal.

Coffee / Tea

Plan your date for a leisurely afternoon at a coffee shop. This is a great low-stress date, especially if the introvert in your life has had a busy week.

  • Choose a coffee shop that’s quieter and that has a welcoming environment.
  • If you’re the gentleman in the relationship then you can bring her flowers. Although it’s a casual date, putting in extra effort will make her feel special.
  • Chat over a nice cup of tea or coffee and a snack while there.


Fun Dates

Date Ideas for Introverts That Will Make You Want a Second Date || Fun Dates

These dates are great because they create a sense of togetherness and adventure. As you explore these locations and do these activities the introvert in the relationship will appreciate the calm and quiet that each one brings.


It’s a great date if you both love the outdoors. This gives you time to talk and enjoy the peace of nature together.

  • Know your limits. Don’t plan a 10-mile uphill hike if you aren’t ready for it. Plan something easier if you’re both just getting started.
  • If you want to make it more of an adventure, then go searching for a particular geocaching location. Learn more about planning a geocaching date.
  • This will be a good opportunity to encourage each other along the way if it does become physically challenging.

Botanical Garden

Explore the local gardens. These places are beautiful and not too busy in general.

  • Discover what the different varieties of flowers are.
  • Bring a camera and get some nice photos together as a couple.
  • Take your time. Wear comfortable shoes, because you might be doing a lot of walking.


This might seem cliché but walking together on the beach can be really romantic.

  • This is especially true in the summertime.
  • Avoid the touristy spots, but even if the beach is busy, it’s usually not hard to find quiet places.
  • Watch for wildlife. You may see sea creatures and birds that you wouldn’t normally.

Board Games

You can bring a board game along to your local park and compete, strategize, and just have fun together with a board game or a deck of cards.

  • Re-visit the games you loved to play while growing up.
  • Explore different types of games, including strategy, trivia, word games, and card games.
  • Add your own rules to make the game more personalized.


Find a project you can both work on together, especially if you both like making things.

  • Attend a local workshop on how to make something.
  • Go to a local paint your own pottery shop and both paint a piece of pottery that you can keep.
  • Work together towards a common goal, such as entering a contest or local fair.

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If you are introverted, these dates will be great environments to get to know the other person without too much distraction. The most important thing is that these locations won’t drain your energy, so you can just focus on getting to know more about the person you are dating. Remember to take care of yourself and be open to things your extroverted partner wants to do.

You can read more of my tips for dating in my post, “An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving the Dating World.”

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12 Date Ideas for Introverts