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Find Catholic Singles In New York

Are you frustrated by how difficult it is to meet Catholic singles in New York who share your values and faith?

Disappointed that you have been unable to make a meaningful connection with a person who understands your vision of the future?

Catholic Singles is an online dating platform created by Catholics, for Catholics. For over twenty years, we have been the premiere online dating venue for Catholics in New York, bringing together thousands of people in love.

Our platform will match you with compatible singles in the New York area. Catholic Singles members come from every part of society, but what binds us is our commitment to faith, authentic relationships, and life according to the principles of Catholicism.

Catholic Singles is proud to have helped bring people together as friends, couples, and families in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, and across New York State and the United States.

Sign-up to Catholic Singles to find fellowship with people who share your beliefs and understand the importance of living an authentic life.

Catholic Dating Online in New York

The Catholic Singles Compatibility Test and our extensive membership search features will help you find your perfect Catholic match. We provide everything you need to find like-minded Catholic singles and build online friendships, including:

  • A personal profile
  • Private and anonymous email
  • Powerful search to find matching Catholic singles.

It’s important to us that all users of Catholic Singles feel safe on our platform. Our privacy policy guarantees that your data is kept safe and secure. Our screening policies help ensure that our community remains safe and respectful.

Catholic Dioceses of New York

  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse

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