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Find Catholic Singles In Minnesota

Do you want to build long-lasting and meaningful connections to Catholic singles in Minnesota? Catholic Singles is the premier Catholic-focused dating service, matching single Catholics in Minnesota who want to discover a partner who understands the Catholic way of life.

In the modern world, meeting people isn’t a problem — we all have access to social media platforms and dating apps that expose us to millions of people. But those connections are shallow and fleeting. Catholic Singles is built on a simple principle, informed by our faith: Catholics want a deeper, more meaningful, and longer lasting experience.

Since 1997, Catholic Singles has matched Catholics in the Twin Cities, and throughout Minnesota and the US — using technology to help single Catholics meet and build harmonious unions.

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Meet Catholics Singles in Minnesota

Our system connects you with your perfect Catholic matches and gives you the tools to safely get to know them online before meeting in person.

You can connect with other Catholic Single users however you feel most comfortable. Our online dating platform includes:

  • Private and anonymous email accounts
  • Live Chat Rooms
  • A personal profile page with unlimited photo uploads

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Catholic Dioceses of Minnesota

  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Crookston
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Duluth
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Cloud
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of New Ulm

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