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Find Catholic Singles In Florida

Catholic Singles is the premier dating platform for single Catholic men and women in Florida. On Catholic Singles, you will meet fellow Catholics who respect and understand the place faith and Catholic principles have in your life.

We created Catholic Singles over twenty years ago after observing that mainstream dating services didn’t meet the needs of Catholics. Dating services often weaken the traditional bonds of family and fellowship by encouraging shallow connections and casual hookups.

Catholic Singles is different: we use modern technology to help Catholics meet and build committed friendships and relationships.

With adult members of all ages in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and throughout Florida and the US, Catholic Singles has helped thousands of Catholics find their ideal partner in life.

The Catholic Singles community will help you find your perfect Catholic match and provide a safe space to talk, learn, and build rewarding bonds of fellowship.

Florida Online Dating Membership for Catholic Singles

Our tried-and-tested Catholic Compatibility Test will help you discover your best matches, search for compatible members in our huge database of Florida Catholic singles, and contact matches via a private and anonymous email services.

The Catholic Singles platform provides:

  • Personal profiles with unlimited image upload
  • Private and anonymous email
  • Guidance from Catholic religious leaders

Safety and privacy are an important part of the Catholic Singles experience. Your data is safe with us, and our privacy and screening policies empower you to be yourself when connecting with matches and potential dates.

Catholic Dioceses of Florida

  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Pensacola–Tallahassee
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Petersburg
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Venice in Florida

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