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Find Catholic Singles In California

Is your Catholic faith an important part of who you are? We can help you find a Catholic single in California who is as committed to building meaningful friendships and relationships as you are.

Catholic Singles has been helping Catholics in California meet and build lasting relationships for over two decades.

Catholic Singles is a safe online dating platform that matches single Catholics who value the Catholic principles of love and friendship. Our platform provides a community for thousands of Catholic singles in California, so you’re sure to find new friends and perhaps a lifelong partner.

For two decades, we have brought together Catholic singles from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and throughout California and the United States.

When faith and community play an important role in your life, it can be challenging to connect with people who share your values and commitments. We created Catholic Singles because we wanted to help Catholics seeking a soulmate find the right person for them.

Unlike other online dating platforms, Catholic Singles was created by Catholics who understand the need of Catholics for fellowship, commitment, faith, and guidance.

Join Catholic Singles Online Dating Site in California

The safety of our users is central to the CatholicSingles experience. Our screening and privacy policies are designed to make adult dating safe.

Users of the Catholic Singles platform can communicate in the way they find most comfortable.We provide:

  • Anonymous private email
  • Instant chat communities
  • Personal Profile Pages with unlimited photo uploads
  • A tried-and-tested Catholic Compatibility test.

We advise Catholic Singles users to take full advantage of our member search and communication facilities, building friendships online before taking the next step.

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Catholic Dioceses of California

  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego

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