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Find Catholic Singles In Nebraska

Do you want to build friendships and relationships with Catholic singles in Nebraska? Catholic Singles is a vibrant dating community for Catholics, connecting single Catholic men and women with matches who understand the important place of faith and family in our lives.

In a dating landscape dominated by social media networks and dating apps that connect us to millions of potential dates, it’s challenging for authentic Catholics to find like-minded partners. The modern world encourages shallow and fleeting dating experiences, not the profound and meaningful relationships Catholics crave.

Catholic Singles is different: as Catholics, we have a deep understanding of the Catholic lifestyle and faith — our platform exists to help Catholics find partners who live life according to the precepts of the Catholic Church.

Since 1997, Catholic Singles has matched Catholics in Omaha, Lincoln, and across Nebraska and the US, using technology to empower Catholics to live by their human and religious calling to family and fellowship.

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Catholic Singles connects you with your perfect Catholic matches, providing the tools you need to build friendships and relationships in safety before meeting in person.
You can connect with other Catholic Single users however you feel most comfortable. Our online dating platform includes:

Catholic Singles includes:

  • Private and anonymous email accounts
  • Live Chat Rooms
  • A personal profile page with unlimited photo uploads

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Catholic Dioceses of Nebraska

  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Island
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Lincoln

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